Rotary viscometer installation

Rotary viscometer installation: â–  Care should be taken when loading and unloading the rotor. When loading and unloading, the connecting screw should be lifted slightly to operate. Do not use excessive force. Do not force the rotor laterally to avoid bending the rotor. â–  Do not put the viscometer that has been mounted on the rotor sideways or upside down. â–  Keep the connecting screw and rotor connecting end faces and threads clean, otherwise it will affect the rotor sway. â–  When the viscometer is lifted and lowered, use the hand to prevent the viscometer from falling due to its own weight. â–  After replacing the rotor, please enter the new rotor number in time. After each use, the replaced rotor should be cleaned (cleaned) and returned to the rotor frame. Please do not leave the rotor on the instrument for cleaning. â–  When changing the liquid to be tested, clean (wipe clean) the rotor and rotor protection frame in time to avoid measurement errors caused by the contamination of the measured liquid. â–  The instrument and rotor are matched one-to-one. Please do not confuse several instruments and rotors.

This is suitable for brushing semi smooth and smooth surface rollers. Its absorption of paint is very large.
The surface of this product is very soft, its effect is as strong as sponge brush, but it is easier to carry than sponge brush. It covers a small area.
Its bristles are made up of tiny bits of fluff and can be easily painted on rough surfaces.
Product advantages: smooth, overall sense, strong carding uniform, neat, no hair chamfer overlap or gap is too large (0.5-1.5mm)

Microfiber Paint Roller Brush

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