Shocked: Fragmentation of glass bottles into the top of the ocean waste source

The Hong Kong Environmental Protection Association, the coordinating body of the International Coastal Cleanup Movement, today announced the "Top Ten Marine Wastes." Glass shards, plastic bags, styrofoam, cigarette butts are among the best. Among them, glass shards (mainly from glass bottles) account for more than 60% of the amount of garbage picked up, and there are many restaurants near the site where a large number of glass bottle fragments were picked up; in addition, building materials are also listed in the “Top Ten Marine Rubbish” for the first time. Columns, issues arising from construction projects deserve attention. The Hong Kong Environmental Protection Association announced today that the Hong Kong International Coastal Cleanup Campaign concluded last month has cleared more than 86,000 pieces of rubbish on the coast of Hong Kong. Among them, glass shards ranked first in the "Top Ten Marine Wastes," with a total of more than 55,000 pieces.

The Environmental Protection Association pointed out that the Hong Kong SAR Government has not made sufficient efforts to recycle glass, and merchants have failed to properly dispose of used glass bottles. The council suggested that the Hong Kong government should actively encourage the recycling industry; strengthen the cooperation of departments to expand the scope and number of beach cleaning; and strengthen the supervision of illegal dumping of wastes.

Seven of the “Top Ten Marine Rubbish” picked up this year are derived from waste left on the coast or after public activities. The Environmental Protection Association reminds the public to make good use of resources, reduce waste, support recycling and recycling, Perform environmental procurement and report illegal dumping.

He Huiping, director-general of the Environmental Protection Association, said that this year's clean-up campaign has been so enthusiastic that activities have been extended by one week. A total of 86,000 pieces of waste were picked up, and there were actually marine debris such as syringes, fire extinguishers, and computer screens. It was found that people used to abandon rubbish. She called for accelerating the protection of precious marine ecological environment.

Wu Shoujian, deputy director of the Hong Kong Ocean Park Conservation Fund, said that marine pollution has become increasingly serious and people do not understand how garbage pollution has eroded the ecological environment. The waste that is blown from the beach to the sea, or the garbage that floats in the sea, will entanglement the creatures in the sea and cause them to lose their ability to feed and eventually die. This will have a profound impact on the marine ecology.

A total of 20 schools and 30 companies responded to the Coastal Cleanup Campaign this year. Two thousand people from all walks of life participated in the clean-up of beaches. Sixty-one clean-up activities picked up more than 7,500 kilograms of rubbish on the coast of Hong Kong.

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