China's First Fitness Exhibition IWF Leads New Trends in Chinese Fitness

China's First Fitness Exhibition IWF Leads New Trends in Chinese Fitness Date:2014-11-18 10:42
The fitness industry has been developing in China for more than 20 years. The industry is currently in a period of development and maturation. China is surpassing the advanced countries in the fitness industry in the world at a rapid rate, and the market is huge. However, for a long time, there is a lack of a large-scale and professional industry exhibition in which fitness equipment and its supporting industries are the main targets of display. In March 2014, it was organized by the China Association of Culture, Education and Sporting Goods, Health Care Massage Club of China Medical Insurance Association, Beijing Fitness Equipment Circulation Association, and Dana Exhibition Group. The first show was held in a super 25,000 square meter scale and hosted a high degree of specialization. The display of the top-level event in the fitness industry with a full range of products has caused a strong shake in the industry and has achieved a good exhibition effect. It has been hailed as the first exhibition of the Chinese fitness industry by the industry!

A professional business-oriented exhibition that serves as a fitness industry in China 2015 The China (Shanghai) Fitness, Leisure and Leisure Expo (IWFSHANGHAI2015) will again hit the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Exhibition Hall on March 25-27, 2015! The total exhibition area of ​​this exhibition will be 30,000 square meters. It will attract nearly 300 fitness companies and brands from home and abroad. The 2015 IWF Shanghai International Fitness Conference and IWF International Yoga and Pilates Conference will also be held simultaneously. It is expected that more than 20,000 employees in the fitness industry will gather in Shanghai to participate in the grand event.
IWFSHANGHAI: Creating Trade Cooperation and Industry Trends Leading to Dual Platforms

Lin Xiaochong, Chairman of the China Association for Culture, Education and Sporting Goods, said: With the adjustment of the world economic structure, the global fitness industry has undergone profound changes. Asia, especially China’s vast market space, has been increasingly used by European and American fitness and related product manufacturers and brands. In favor of holding the IWF International Fitness Exhibition in Shanghai, which has a unique geographical position and economic status, it is both an industry-adapted market demand and a corporate wish.

It is reported that IWFSHANGHAI is committed to building a global trade and communication platform for the Chinese fitness industry in Shanghai, focusing on exhibiting first-class fitness equipment at home and abroad, the world's top fitness courses, and fitness-related products, and providing the latest fitness programs and trends. Research results and new health concepts, etc., to further promote important business negotiations and industry-wide information exchange and interaction, and lead the Chinese fitness lifestyle and trends.

At present, IWF SHANGHAI 2015's recruitment work is underway, with BH, O Reiter, Ippis Family, Kangle, Huixiang, Ironman, Aolilon, JW, DHZ, Baodelong, Zhongda, Yingjiduo The famous brands at home and abroad such as Junxia, ​​Lihang and Weitai have already confirmed their participation in the exhibition. By then, major companies and brands will carry the newly developed fitness equipment products, training courses and exciting on-site activities. At the same time, the exhibition process has also attracted the attention of buyers and target visitors and fitness-related practitioners. As of the deadline, thousands of domestic and foreign merchants have already submitted visit pre-registration applications to the Organizing Committee. It is expected that over 20,000 visitors will visit the exhibition site.

IWF Topic Summits and Forums Stay Close to Industry Hot Spots

If IWFSHANGHAI2015 is a business-oriented professional exhibition dedicated to the fitness industry, then the 2015 China Association of Style Association members will be held during the exhibition and the 2nd China International Fitness Industry Summit and the 2015 Fitness Equipment (National) Distribution Industry Conference will be held. The theme summits and forums such as the Academy Awards for the circulation of fitness equipment, the 2015 opportunities for the development of the Chinese fitness industry, and the investment and financing summit forums will further deepen and improve the service functions of this exhibition. This year's theme summits and forums will have a wider field of vision and a larger format. The relevant leaders of the State Sports General Administration, foreign industry experts, renowned economists, and leaders of industry leaders will be invited to discuss the industry data, core issues, future development, etc. Focus on in-depth discussions and exchanges, a comprehensive interpretation of the development of the fitness industry, for the majority of fitness industry personnel to bring more innovative thinking and ideas.

IWFSHANGHAI: Carnival party for fitness enthusiasts!

During the IWF Shanghai International Fitness Expo, the organizers will also hold another fitness event during the same period: 2015 IWF Shanghai International Fitness Conference, 2015 IWF Yoga and Pilates Conference. The conference invited over 100 front-line trainers for fitness and yoga Pilates training in China and abroad. A total of more than 200 professional training courses were held. There were nearly 2,000 gym/club/club investors, yoga/Pilates club investors, and professional managers. People, membership sales managers and consultants, personal fitness instructors, group instructors, fitness/fitness/yoga/Pilates enthusiasts and other fitness practitioners provide personal education and small studios, group exercises, yoga, Pilates, Bodybuilding, Tai Chi, Boxing, Health Management, Nutrition, Sports Rehabilitation, Marketing/Management Operations, Strategy and Investment training courses.

Chen Xiqiang, president of DWF Exhibition Group, the organizer of IWF SHANGHAI, said: The fitness industry is a vibrant and passionate industry. We held 2015 IWF Shanghai International Fitness Conference, 2015 IWF Yoga and Pilates Conference in the same period of the fitness exhibition, hoping to show the international trend. The world's top fitness, yoga, and Pilates classes are given to the Chinese fitness crowd. Through this activity, more fitness coaches are provided with the opportunity to contact the industry and the frontiers of the profession to further enhance the professional qualities of the coach, release fitness passion, and guide The broad masses of people establish healthy, scientific and happy fitness concepts and lifestyles. During the conference, we will also invite a large number of fitness and yoga star mentors to the participating audience for exciting fitness and yoga performances, and hold a passionate fitness carnival for fitness enthusiasts.

I want to see the most advanced fitness equipment, want to reach out to the most quality customers, want to know the latest industry information, want to solve the puzzles of management and management, and want to participate in the most fashionable and trendy fitness courses. See the God-level celebrity instructors with your own eyes! Then don't miss the 2015 China (Shanghai) Fitness, Leisure and Leisure Expo (IWFSHANGHAI2015) held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center on March 25-27. What happened here is definitely more than your imagination!

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