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Germans are known for their hardworking and meticulous work attitude. This is also a country with an area of ​​only 350,000 square kilometers and a population of 80 million, but it can become the most important reason for the world's fourth largest economy. No matter in which field, you can always see the leading German bathroom brand.

In terms of bathroom production, Germany still retains a century-old traditional handicraft. Although the bathroom decoration style is generally very simple, it is very particular about functional equipment, which can understand why there are not many well-known tiles and marble brands in Germany, and its well-crafted faucets and bathroom equipment are sold all over the world.

The Germans do not like exaggerated colors and decorations, but focus on the cultural atmosphere and historical deposits. They believe that the products are all talking, and think that the products are well done without over-designing the packaging. The flat inside the toilet and a beveled angle of the faucet. These details have been opened with one eye closed after the automation of many national sanitary ware factories. However, the rigorous Germans must arrange for skilled craftsmen to modify it .

In addition to the basic salary, the quality of the finished products also determines the level of salary. For example, Villeroy & Boch's toilet moulding master, after completing, he must affix a private seal on the "work" to mark the responsibility , Also symbolizes the responsibility of craftsmen.

Recommended Brand: Gaoyi Sanitary Ware

GROHE is a world-renowned supplier of sanitary products and systems and a global exporter. It adheres to the spirit of the founder's emphasis on precision and high quality. Specifically, GROHE wins with its superior quality, outstanding craftsmanship, and extensive research and development. It successfully combines excellent craftsmanship and perfect design into one, exuding elegance and infinite charm in bathrooms around the world.

Grohe Cordia 32630 basin faucet

Cordia series products have unique ergonomic ring handles, and their streamlined appearance makes a bold and iconic announcement. The soft arc embodies the move towards following minimalist aesthetic products, while at the same time incorporating human elements into the space in which it is used.

Recommended brand: Hansgrohe

Hansgrohe has developed the world's first lifting shower rod and the first adjustable hand shower, known as "the mother of the world's showers". More than 300 international design awards have made the Hansgrohe Group the most important and creative bathroom brand in the world today.

Hansgrohe Rain 150 Shower

The Hansgrohe Rain Series is a series of products that focus on high-quality bathing experiences while effectively achieving environmental protection. The large-area shower head cooperates with the torrent to sprinkle water, which gives people a comfortable and healthy bathroom. At the same time, the technology of mixing air and water flow, while not reducing the comfort of the water, is also effective in saving water by 10%, low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

Recommended brand: Duravit

Duravit, known as Rolls-Royce in the bathroom industry, has a history of 182 years and is one of the four well-known brands in the world's sanitary ware industry. Mainly designed ceramic sanitary equipment and bathroom furniture by itself, and won many international design awards for innovative routes, top quality and functionality.

Duravit SensoWash i integrated electronic toilet

Duravit's first all-in-one electronic toilet. In this product, the classic ceramic brushed stainless steel and the right lines reflect each other, making the whole work in one go, showing the dignified and elegant beauty.

The above are the three German bathroom brands recommended to everyone. They not only have a history of more than one hundred years, but also have fashionable appearance design and exquisite manufacturing technology, which has left an indelible high-end image in consumers' hearts. Of course, its sanitary ware brands are far more than these three. There are countless luxury brands such as Villeroy & Bath, and we will introduce them to you next time.

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