Red Star Meikailong Zhang Hongjie: Creating a new business form and drawing on advanced concepts

Red Star Meikailong Zhang Hongjie: Creating a new business form and drawing on advanced concepts

Red Star Meikailong General Manager of North China Northeast Region Zhang Hongjie accepted an interview with Northeast News Network Home Channel reporter

On November 22, 2014, Shenyang Red Star Macalline International Home Extreme MALL finally unveiled the last veil in the eyes of the public. This is another masterpiece of the Red Star Macalline Group, another home and art (art decoration) The effect picture) combines the perfect hall, inherits the noble temperament of Red Star Macalline and has a unique artistic atmosphere.

Northeast News Network Home Channel reporter interviewed Zhang Hongjie, general manager of Hongxing Meikailong North China Northeast Region.

Zhang Hongjie said: "Red Star Macalline International Home Extreme MALL is one of several types of stores in the group. It is a brand new business form for high-end customers. It includes many high-end brands in the international front line. The presence of these brands provides consumers with a presence. More international brands to choose from, which are easy to integrate with international consumption trends. For the industry, the international brand's consumption concept, grasp of design and understanding of life do have a lot of advanced nature, worthy of domestic industry learning, their entry It will also enable the domestic industry to continuously absorb nutrition from international first-line brands, some good design elements and concepts, and better develop China's original design. We also hope that the opening of Shenyang's international pavilion will enable us to develop from Shenyang's economic development. To promote."

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