Seven homemade wrinkle masks are recommended

Time has passed, carving our character, carving our faces, and traces of the years and years, indicating that the old and the old! People are not willing to be beaten by time, so all kinds of DIY wrinkle mask will appear. The homemade wrinkle mask is economical and is favored by people who love beauty. How can I make a wrinkle mask? What kind of materials do I need for my own wrinkle mask? Next, I will introduce several methods for making homemade wrinkle masks. Don't miss the MM who are worried about small lines!
Homemade Wrinkle Mask Milk Wrinkle Mask Lemon Wrinkle Mask Prevent skin aging
1, milk wrinkle mask
Homemade wrinkle mask process: use 1 tablespoon fresh milk, add 4-5 drops of olive oil, flour, mix thoroughly and apply.
This self-made wrinkle mask has the function of astringing pores. It can eliminate wrinkles on the facial skin for a long time, increase skin vitality and elasticity, and make the skin fresh and smooth. It is suitable for middle-aged women or pregnant women with more facial wrinkles.
2, banana wrinkle mask
Homemade wrinkle mask process: peel the banana into a paste and apply it to the face, wash it off after 15-20 minutes.
Long-term use of this mask can make the skin of the face tender and refreshing, especially suitable for facial beauty of dry or sensitive skin, with good results.
3, Tremella wrinkle mask
Homemade wrinkle mask process: 50 grams of white fungus, white peony, medlar, and polygonatum. After grinding into powder, sift through the sieve. Take 5 grams of powder every night, mix 3 grams of flour, mix thoroughly with water and wash it off the next morning.
Because white fungus, white peony, and polygonatum can nourish the skin, it can lick face spots and guide various medicines into the skin, but people with facial dermatitis should use this mask with caution.
4, apple wrinkle mask
Homemade wrinkle mask process: peel the apple into pieces and then apply it to the face. If it is dry allergic skin, add some milk or vegetable oil. Oily skin should add some egg white. After 15-20 minutes, wash it off with a hot towel.
Use this mask every other day for 20 days. This homemade wrinkle mask has the effect of making the skin smooth, moist and white, and it can also eliminate skin acne, freckles and dark spots.
5, olive oil wrinkle mask
Homemade wrinkle mask process: Heat the olive oil to about 37 ° C, then add the right amount of honey, then dipped the gauze block in the oil and remove it on the face, remove it after 20 minutes.
This mask has the effect of preventing skin aging, emollient freckle and wrinkle removal, and is suitable for those with particularly dry skin.
6, lemon wrinkle mask
Homemade wrinkle mask process: After extracting 1 fresh lemon, add 1 times of water, then add 3 tablespoons of flour, apply it to the face and apply it to the face, remove it for 15-20 minutes; or put a Fresh lemon slices are directly attached to the face for about 15-20 minutes to remove and wash the face.
Use this homemade wrinkle mask once a day for 7 days.
This mask has astringent effect, which makes the skin fresh, lubricious and delicate, and long-term persistence can delay skin aging.
7, cucumber wrinkle mask
Homemade wrinkle mask process: add fresh cucumber juice, add milk powder, honey, apply a few drops of wind oil and mix thoroughly, then wash the surface, wash after 20-30 minutes; or wash the cucumber slices directly on the face.
This mask has the effect of moisturizing, whitening and wrinkle removal.

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