"Seven Words Tuning Machine Poems"-Tips for Adjusting Machines in Offset Presses

Teaching for several years,
Fu poetry expresses the experience.
Yin Youlang read the catch,
The solution words can't be forgotten.

Seven points of thinking do three points,
Zhang San Li Si Mo was wrong.
Follow the poem step by step,
Make sure you adjust the machine quite smoothly.

The sequence of machine adjustment is the most important,
One paper, two pressure, three ink.
Paper feeding is stable and well-formed,
The pressure is moderate.

The paper is blown at the middle pressure,
There is no low-pressure control for air pressure.
It's good to blow small and suck big leaflets,
Thin paper is smoother.

Paper should be controlled to avoid death,
Paperweight block with brush reed.
Increase the amount of paper by decreasing the amount of the paper,
There are no empty pairs around mm.

Follow the trend and avoid the angle,
The suction skin does not roll despite the low.
Feed the paper slowly and quickly,
Always adjust the drive side.

The side stop controls the amount of paper pulled,
Set a side rule and set it again.
The front gear cooperates with the suction down,
Cam tube late in the morning.

The roller calibration is careful,
Thickness changes frequently.
It's better not to synchronize early in the evening,
Move the cam early and late.

Double sheet control changes with paper,
Zailing is worse than dividing paper.
The belt is pressed tightly against the wheel,
Symmetrical layout prevents skew.

In the first round, the pressure-proof edge guards
The brush stops the paper from springing back.
The paper distance is 7mm
Adjustable three before and after synchronization.

Front rule bite minimum four,
Three gaps can pass.
Pull the side gauge to leave a gap,
Do not block the paper when it is not lifted.

Pass the paper to bite the paper at A2,
The front and side regulations followed.
Not more than four millimeters apart,
I am optimistic about rotating the rounds.

The roller passes the paper and bites the paper,
Handover at the same speed is stable and stable.
3-6 after biting first,
Put the paper cam to change.

Large gauge can be printed 480,
Before adjusting the cam.
After paying rotation, it changes synchronously,
Recheck or adjust.

Three fine adjustments for teeth,
Mo Ran played the piano harmoniously.
The roller gritted its teeth,
It is better to break rather than loose.

You can pull your teeth by handing paper,
Maintain consistent tightness.
It's the easiest to catch paper
The full version of the paper is not empty.

Slow paper suction cup to put the paper wheel,
No drifting with paper collection.
Gas amplification is small and fast,
The speed is well controlled.

The side rules are well set
After Qi Zuo is right Qi.
Clamp the paper back and forth,
Check the machine after receiving the paper!

The roller pressure is easy to understand,
The sum of the lining reduces the gap.
Adjusting the measurement is the key,
All kinds of data should be based on.

Six or five threads of printing plate cylinder,
Rubber roller three two five.
Between three and five,
Between three and seven zero.

Gap adjustment first close pressure,
Adjust the skin pressure and reprint the skin.
Increase and decrease pressure increase,
The gap pressure is opposite.

Errors are allowed on both sides,
There is nothing more than two threads.
Thick paper changes naughty pressure,
Plus the paper thickness is reduced by ten threads.

Quickly install the version by pre-tightening,
Hexagon screws are loose.
The lock ring shaft clamps the version,
The diligent fine-tuning version is normal.

Press a button before installing the version,
The machine can be used when it is in place.
Bite it and pretend to move it,
Pressure keeps you from tipping.

Ink roller parallelism is the key,
Generally only adjust the ink roller.
There are square worms on both ends,
Accurately adjust the relationship.

The relationship between the outer and inner rollers is right,
Loosely adjust the pressure.
Decrease in order of weight before
The version has both light and heavy rollers.

The water roller is the same as ink,
Adjust the worm up and down.
The inner version of the outer roller is not wrong,
Follow the pressure loosely.

Distinguish from the top to the bottom,
The application and collection are the same.
Water and ink sharing institutions,
Tighten and loosen the square bolts.

The machine is now adjusted,
Focus on understanding and feel.
Call us if you have any questions,
On-site training is more intuitive.

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