Book cover creation aesthetic design talk (4)

"Campaign": In the middle of the slanting row of hard pen calligraphy filled with blessings, a few leaves of the sentiment are dotted. In the upper right corner, under the shade of a tree, a small road stretches out into the distance. On the back cover, the dense woods image was processed into an etching effect, which echoed the cover and suppressed the overall design. This book is the first of a series of hard pen calligraphy written by Unity Publishing. On the cover of the second “Life Maxim”, I embroidered several small stones of different colors in the middle of the hard pen calligraphy. In the upper right corner is a lonely camel in the long-distance journey. On the back cover is a team of camels with different compositions marching in the desert. The cover of the third “Love Rumors” is that the calligraphy works are dotted with several small flowers in the middle, and the upper right corner is a bright and charming flower full of composition, while the back cover is full of magnificent flowers....

In the hundreds of gardens in our country's graphic design, what are the numerous design works that are intriguing and colorful?

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Author / Lu Yaoshi (Deputy editor of Fine Arts, Chinese Social Science Press. For more than 20 years, his design works have been selected and won several national book fairs. Some of his works are in the “Art World”, “Decoration”, “Art Wizard”, Published by magazines such as "Friends of the Editors", wrote hundreds of artistic evaluations such as book bindings, and appeared in the national newspapers and magazines. Many professional papers were selected and selected in the country for collection of relevant art collections and yearbooks.)

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