India ink printing common failure analysis - Graphic pinhole

Fourth, the picture pinhole

One of the main reasons is that the rough surface of the substrate is not smooth or the printing plate is stained; the second is that the active agent in the ink is too much or the ink is not ripe (the foam does not disappear) completely, often called chemical pinholes (different parts and different Area and different number of pinholes). In addition, faults called mechanical pinholes are pinholes in the same area and the same size and number of the same substrate, often appear repeatedly, and rarely disappear during the printing run-in period.

Treatment methods: First, exchange substrates (clean or unstained); Second, control the amount of active agent in the ink system or add about 0.2% of defoaming plasticizer in the ink for 48 hours (excessively can cause ink film The craters are difficult to level.)

To solve the mechanism pinhole fault method: First, change the printing plate or the printing machine to open and run after a period of time and then open the printing, the second is to adjust the printing pressure.

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