Cool Water perfume box with corrugated liner

Many high-end perfume and cosmetics brands now prefer to use unusual high-quality cartons and micro-corrugated cardboard as cushions; middle liners, such as Davidoff's classic incense Cool Water, silver-blue boxes show advanced printing. The technical and design concept, the unique white fine corrugated liner reflects the consumer's preference for rustic materials, which is a new attempt of many high-end perfume brands in terms of packaging, which not only improves the compressive strength of the packaging, but also makes the entire packaging It looks very upscale.

Merchants believe that corrugated board is mild; middle liners are light weight. Cheap, easy to recycle, etc. It can replace EPS materials and is an ideal environmentally friendly packaging material. Corrugated box carton cushions have load carrying capacity and buffer capacity, meet the requirements of positioning of products in outer packaging, and also have the advantages of simple structure, reduced cost, and easy assembly.

Source: Global Corrugated Industry

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