Autobond Launches World's First Microfilm Laminator

Autobond, headquartered in Derbyshire, England, recently introduced the MINI TP H36 miniature digital laminator, which it claims is the world's first digital laminator of this format.

According to Autobond, one such device has already been put into use in a digital printing company in Cambridgeshire. Before the official launch of the device, the company received orders for two such devices. This device has allegedly solved the problem of poor adhesion of printed products and laminates caused by solvent oils and toners.

Autobond's miniature digital laminator, with a processing range of A4 to 36 by 52 centimeters and a processing speed of 30 meters per minute. The selected thermal composite material can be from 115 grams to 450 grams of polypropylene and cellulose acetate thermal composite film. Film or semi-packing machine' target = _blank> transparent film can be processed.

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