Device for conveying sheets through a printing machine

The device for transporting the sheets through the printing machine has a roller with grippers arranged in the channels, which hold the sheets on the front edge of the sheet; there is a chain conveyor, the chain The conveyor has grippers fixed on the chain, these grippers receiving the front edge of the sheet from the cylinder and holding the sheet on the front edge and on the rear edge, between the sprocket and the outer surface of the drum Contact sheet supports and suction pawls holding the sheet on the trailing edge, wherein the trailing edge pawl (10.1-10.7) passes through the drum (4) in the open state, the trailing edge pawl (10.1- 10.7) The support seat (43) and the jaw tip (41) are located below the trajectory (42) traveled by the sheet (18) held on the outer surface (26, 27), the rear edge jaw (10.1- 10.7) It can be closed in the area of ​​the rotation angle where the chain leaves from the sprocket (11). The device of the invention can improve the sheet transport with less expense.

 Single side shelves are single-sided shelves that stand on the wall. It is made of metal and is a good display equipment. This Display Shelves save space and make good use of wall space. Wall shelf is a combination of a main frame and multiple sub-frames.

Description of Single Side Shelves

Material: Steel

Combination: Main Frame and Sub Frame

Status: New

Structure: Combination and Stitching

Color: Customize

Packaging: Standard Export Package

Payment: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal


1. The surface of the shelf is sprayed, so it has a variety of colors and is highly resistant to corrosion and rust.

2. You can adjust the laminate.

3. Customized sizes and colors are available.
4. Conveniently assembling.

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Single Side Shelves

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