Sheet supply offset printing rotary printing machine

A sheet-fed offset rotary printing press includes a plate cylinder, a blanket cylinder having the same size as the plate cylinder, an impression cylinder, a plate making device, four inking units, and four inks Roller sleeve on/off device and roller sleeve on/off device. At least one plate is mounted on the outer surface of the plate cylinder. A blanket cylinder is opposed to the plate cylinder and at least one blanket is mounted on its outer surface. The impression cylinder has at least one holding device for holding the paper sheet. The plate making apparatus is capable of recording four print patterns on four areas of the plate. The inking unit supplies ink to the four printing patterns of the plate on the plate cylinder through four inking rollers, respectively. The sleeve up/down device places an ink fountain roller onto the corresponding printing pattern of the plate and removes the remaining inker roller from the remaining printing pattern. Just before the blanket cylinder is opposed to the sheet held by the gripper device, the cylinder sleeve is placed on/off the device to cover the blanket cylinder to which the ink is supplied, and the blanket cylinder and the impression cylinder are in contact with each other when the gripper device does not hold the sheet. Take off the blanket cylinder beforehand.

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Cuticle Scissor

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