Jiangning Venture Capital Center settled in Nanjing Cuiping Science and Technology Innovation Park (VC335)

News on January 9th, the first Jiangsu province talent project venture capital center-Jiangsu "Double Innovation Program" Jiangning Venture Capital Center was inaugurated in Cuiping Science and Technology Park in Jiangning District, Nanjing City.
The Jiangsu “Double Innovation Plan” Jiangning Venture Capital Center was jointly established by the Provincial Talent Work Leading Group Office and Jiangsu High-tech Investment Group to actively connect and assist Jiangning to cultivate and introduce the provincial “Double Innovation Plan”, technology entrepreneurs, and enterprise doctoral gathering programs 1. Talent project of technology innovation team, attracting various venture capital and venture capital institutions to settle in, leading the construction of a modern service system for Jiangning technology finance, and promoting high-level talents at home and abroad to start innovations in Jiangning. At the same time as the venture capital center was unveiled, Nanjing Jiangning Science and Technology Venture Capital Group, the first financial group in Nanjing urban counties to professionally serve technology entrepreneurship, and the city ’s first technology and financial service gathering center for technology enterprises-Jiangning Technology Finance Center.
Yang Weize, member of the Standing Committee of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee, said at the opening ceremony that at the beginning of the new year, Jiangning will use the resources of the whole region to take advantage of provincial and municipal resources to proactively connect with the provincial "double innovation plan", actively serve high-end talents, and actively support technological entrepreneurship The establishment of three iconic platforms for science and technology financial services marks that Jiangning District's scientific and technological entrepreneurship has reached a new level and is at the forefront of the city. It also indicates that Jiangning's comprehensive reform project has taken the first substantial steps.

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