ZYKX-2025YL all-weather equal proportion water quality sample retainer

The 2025YL automatic water quality sampler (retainer) is a special equipment for pollution source exceeding the standard retention sample. It can be used with online COD, TOC, ammonia nitrogen, heavy metals, etc. to automatically collect sewage water samples for online instruments. When the over-standard signal is sent out after the online instrument is measured, the water sample is automatically stored in the water storage bottle located in the constant temperature freezer. Up to three different online instruments can be connected, and 24 water samples exceeding the standard can be continuously saved. So as to provide a reliable basis for further analysis of excess sewage.

Behavior Reward Chart

Magnetic Behavior reward chart use the way of making schedule to guide and encourage kids to complete simple task by thenselves, thus help children develop the good habit of independence. It is good early education products for family. Good habits are cultivated from childhood. Just let the products be 'Child Behavior Consultant', help grow, witness growth.

reward chartbehavior chart

behavior reward chart

Behavior Reward Chart

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