Research and Analysis of the Market of Digital Surveillance Products

1. Market conditions and product development trends

1. Market Environment Research

1.1. Policies and regulations

The management agency of this industry is public security organs at all levels.

Products generally have to be tested by the designated testing agency of the Ministry of Public Security-Ministry of Public Security No. 1 and No. 3, and can only be sold after passing the test. Any production enterprise must obtain a type inspection certificate before submitting an application to the local public security technical defense office for production Licensing and sales permits can only be obtained after the actual certification and assessment before production and sales permits can be sold on the market. Some provinces and cities require that security products be sold in this province. Provincial Public Security Department can only sell in the local market after filing.

For projects, it is generally required that the contractor possess the construction qualifications for the corresponding risks of the project, and the project and product can only be constructed after bidding and tendering. After the construction is completed, it must be reported to the technical defense office of the local public security bureau above the county (city) for project acceptance. The project can only be completed after acceptance.

DVR products have not yet been standardized, and the current product testing is based on the "Enterprise Standards" generally provided for the enterprises to be inspected and the "Shanghai Landmarks" prepared by the Ministry of Public Security III. "Shanghai Landmarks" is the standard for trial implementation. The official standards are prepared by the National Standardization Technical Committee for Security and Alarm System (referred to as the Security Standards Committee), which is a national professional standardization technology approved by the National Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau. Working organization (codenamed CSBTS / TC100), established in 1987, is responsible for the preparation and revision of national standards and industry standards in the field of security technology in China and the work of its counterpart International Electrotechnical Commission / Alarm Technical Committee (IEC / TC79) The TC100 Secretariat, the permanent working body of the Security Standards Committee, is located at the First Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security. The industry standards for DVR products are being prepared.

The security industry is a state-supported industry. The Tenth Five-Year Plan made a plan for the security industry.

1.2. Industrial Structure

The industry can roughly divide related enterprises into product manufacturers, sellers, engineers and service providers in terms of industrial structure. Among them, manufacturers are divided into board manufacturers and DVR product integrators; vendors can be divided into equipment agents and engineering vendors; service providers include third-party software providers and engineering design, consulting and other service providers. After several years of development, a number of emerging digital surveillance product manufacturing companies have been born in China, especially those represented by digital security products-DVR (Digital Hard Disk Video Recorder) production companies have rapidly emerged, making the original surveillance Fundamental changes have taken place in the market. Traditional monitoring companies such as Panasonic, SANYO, and SONY products have continued to lose market share, and digital surveillance products of national brands have gradually occupied the market. According to relevant information, as far as products are concerned, the ratio of analog to digital products is 65:35; the ratio of domestic manufacturers to foreign products is 85:15. According to the R & D, production and sales capabilities of China's domestic digital surveillance product companies, three different types of companies can be divided at this stage.

The first type of enterprise is to use foreign chips and technologies to develop its own professional digital monitoring products. Such enterprises generally have their own stable R & D team, with the ability to design and manufacture motherboards and related boards, and a certain scale of production and testing capabilities. There is a quality assurance system to ensure product stability and reliability. Product functions and technical indicators are professionally developed and manufactured around the needs of digital monitoring. The products have good brand reputation and popularity in the market.

The second type of enterprise is a company that has the ability to develop or produce image compression boards and motherboards. The company itself does not produce digital monitoring products. The purpose of the image processing boards they produce is to apply the products to different industries, such as film and television. , Video conferencing, online video on demand, home appliances, entertainment, monitoring, etc. Their products are used by surveillance companies and IT companies to assemble their own digital surveillance products. Strictly speaking, such enterprises should not be divided into monitoring industries.

The third type of enterprise is numerous, and it does not have the ability to develop and develop core technologies such as motherboards or boards. Generally, it uses boards produced by other enterprises and its own application software to develop its own digital monitoring products. Such enterprises generally use the PC-based digital surveillance video host as their main product, and a few companies purchase embedded motherboards of other companies to produce their own video recorders.

There are not too many monitoring companies in the first type, and even the second type in China. This is related to the large investment in technology research and development and large-scale production of these two types of companies. The initial stage of the enterprise, but they are the main force to promote the application of digital monitoring products.

As far as the number of employees is concerned, the number of sellers and engineering companies is the most, and the number of employees of manufacturers is relatively small. Fewer employees are engaged in services, especially value-added services. This part should be the direction and focus of future development.

1.3. Boom analysis and prediction

The industry's development forecast for the demand for security products in the application field includes the following aspects:

â—† The number of security projects will continue to grow rapidly;

â—† The demand for security equipment in smart buildings and various schools will grow rapidly;

â—† The business opportunities brought by WTO entry and Olympic bid will greatly stimulate demand;

â—† Regional differences in market demand will be diluted;

â—† Preventive equipment will be favored by more users;

â—† The market demand for short-term monitoring will increase greatly. In the medium and long term, this demand will gradually stabilize.

l The equipment market with the most potential for development in the security industry in the future (equipment market supply-side prospects) is stable.

Proportion of effective samples in the most potential equipment market (%) Sort closed circuit monitoring 30 29.1 3 Anti-theft alarm 33 32.0 1 Access control equipment 31 30.1 2 Intercom equipment 19 18.4 4 Parking equipment 18 17.5 5 Total 103 —— ——

The above figure shows that the market potential for the three types of equipment such as anti-theft alarm, access control and closed circuit monitoring is large, followed by parking lots and intercom equipment. It can be concluded that the closed-circuit monitoring equipment market has the characteristics of high-speed development, strong demand and fierce competition in the short and medium term (3 years). In the long run, new application areas and new market spaces continue to emerge, and market potential endless.

l Equipment application fields with the most development potential in the security industry in the future (equipment market demand-side prospects)

Proportion of effective samples in the most promising equipment market (%) Ranking Finance 13 20.0 2 Transportation 10 15.4 1 Smart Building 27 41.5 1 Telecommunications 9 13.8 4 Airports 5 7.7 6 Customs 5 7.7 6 Public Security 5 7.7 6 Education 9 13.8 4 Factory 2 3.1 9 Total 65 —— ——

As can be seen from the above figure, intelligent building is the most potential device application field in the future, that is, its future demand potential is the largest. The second is finance, transportation, education and telecommunications. The demand for equipment in airports, customs, and public security departments is relatively stable, and there will be no substantial growth.

l Security market development prospect forecast

(1) Development from a single medium and small system to a large-scale network integrated system.

(2) Development from single product distribution to system distribution.

(3) From a simple general distribution system to the development of large group network distribution.

(4) Sales and services will shift from office buildings to society.

(5) Development from key prevention areas (banks, prisons, etc.) to multiple areas (roads, transportation, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, safe communities, communications, electricity, etc.).

There is no doubt that China is now a market with huge potential in the eyes of global industry professionals. In the next few years, China's overall economic growth rate can still be maintained at a high level of 7% (despite suffering from SARS, experts predict that the growth rate will continue this year 7%), and the government ’s established policies to encourage the development of the security industry, vigorously promote smart communities and various infrastructure construction, supplemented by many favorable factors such as WTO accession and Beijing ’s successful bid for the Olympic Games Speaking of the four major security markets will still grow strongly (estimated 2004 security industry growth rate between 25-35%).

In terms of the surveillance industry, it is estimated that by 2008, the total CCTV market in China will reach US $ 1 billion (excluding engineering costs), which will be in line with the market size of the US, Europe and Japan. Due to the success of Beijing's bid for the Olympic Games, some industry experts predict that the Beijing market will develop into the largest demand market for DVR in the next 3 to 5 years.

The intercom industry has always been related to the real estate boom. It is estimated that in the short to medium term, the security industry will bring a 20-30% growth rate due to the concentrated construction of smart communities. However, as the project is gradually closed, the density of smart community construction is getting higher and higher. The growth rate will be downward.

Security market development forecast

The percentage of effective samples predicted by the market (%) has great potential, the market will continue to expand, and the demand will be stronger 65 60.7 The market will be more regulated 19 17.8 The market competition will be more intense 12 11.2 Others 11 10.3 Total 107 ——

This question is the conclusion of the open answers of all survey respondents (source: HC Security Market Research Department). It can be seen that the vast majority of people in the industry have first developed the security market

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