What are the ultrasonic cell pulverizers used in?

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Ultrasonic Cell Crusher 1 Basic Principle The ultrasonic cell pulverizer consists of two parts: an ultrasonic generator and a transducer. The ultrasonic generator converts the 50Hz 220V mains into a 20KHz power supply transducer. The zirconium titanate piezoelectric vibrator is the heart of the transducer. It is elastically deformed with the alternating voltage at a frequency of 20 kHz, and the transducer is subjected to longitudinal mechanical vibration. The vibration wave generates a cavitation effect by the titanium alloy horn immersed in the biological solution, and the biological particles in the excitation medium vibrate violently.
2 Basic features
1. Automatic frequency modulation starts without manual adjustment.
2, there is a temperature protection probe, which can effectively prevent the sample from being damaged due to temperature rise during the crushing process.
3. The external temperature control unit can be driven by the “normally open/normally closed” switch according to the feedback signal from the temperature probe.
4. The standard probe can be down-converted by MICROTIP below 1/2" to achieve the crushing of a small amount of sample.
5, there are different types of probes such as closed cup (CUP) and continuous flow (FILLCELL).
6. There are 96-well microplate probes and double-needle probes (guaranteed experimental parallelism) probes.
7. Tracking shows the actual effective power output.
8, there are nine program memory functions, convenient for users to program and call.
9, can adjust the "work / intermittent" proportional time cycle pulse type work, the time range from 0.5 seconds to 1 hour, improve the crushing effect, effectively prevent temperature rise.
10. There is a question menu for protecting the micro-probe, which can effectively prevent the machine from being damaged by mistake.
3 main uses
Ultrasonic shredders can be used to pulverize animals, plants, bacteria, dental spores or tissues. Disperse rare earth and various inorganic mineral powders.
Ultrasonic pulverizers are ideal for accelerating chemical, biological, and physical reaction rates and accelerating liquid degassing.
The ultrasonic pulverizer can prepare nearly one micron of latex size; homogenize the "immiscible" mixture; polymerize some substances and precipitate other substances.
In summary, the ultrasonic pulverizer can perform various functions such as extraction, pulverization, emulsification, homogenization, suspension, variability, aerosol suspension, accelerated desolvation, crystallization, and preparation of various biological samples under an electron microscope.
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