What brand of sink quality is good, ranking of the top ten brands of sinks

Sink products are the same as other products, and the materials of different brands are also very different. What brand of sinks are of good quality? Everyone should look for the top ten brand products of the sink. The well-known products must be well-made and the practical life is also good. President. Next, let's take a look at the brands that can be rated as the top ten brands of sinks.

TOP1 Top Ten Sink Brands: Kohler

International Red Dot Design Award, world famous sink brand

The Kohler brand comes from the American Kohler Group. It was founded in 1873. Its company established in the Chinese market is called Kohler (China) Investment Co., Ltd., and its product reputation has always been ranked as the "leader" of the world kitchen and bathroom industry. Sink products can be called world classics. The market share of Kohler sinks is quite large, and it has a good reputation among consumers.

TOP2 of the top ten brands of sinks: 欧琳 oulin

China's high-tech enterprises, China's well-known trademarks, China's famous brand products

Oulin is a brand of Ningbo Oulin Kitchen Co., Ltd., founded in, in a guiding position in the sink industry, not only its product process and design concept from Europe, but also the main materials of its products are imported from Europe, making it a worldwide The brand laid a very good foundation. Oulin sink products have different prices, you can choose according to your actual situation.

TOP3 Top Ten Sink Brands: Moen

World famous brand

Moen is a brand from the United States. Among all the companies that produce sinks in the world, it is rated as one of the largest. Both its product quality and its service reputation have won the recognition and trust of consumers. Moen sinks have a high reputation in the country, mainly in high-end products.

TOP4 Top Ten Sink Brands: Jade GORLDE

Jiangsu Province market user satisfaction products, world-renowned brands

Jiade is a brand of the Kohler Group in the United States. The brand first appeared in 1992, but it was actually incorporated in the Kohler group in 2008. It created a multi-functional sink product in China. Its product technology comes from Germany, hoping to give consumers Create a "good life" model. The Jade sink is very good, and the craftsmanship is amazing.

TOP5 of the top ten brands of sinks: Mo Lin

World-famous brand, well-known trademark of Fujian Province

Mo Lin is a brand of Fuzhou Mo Lin Kitchenware Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in October 1997, it was established by the US Mo Lin Industry in the Chinese mainland market, and its products are all stretched into one form, reflecting the white The flawless feeling makes life truly show diamond-like charm.

TOP6 of the top ten brands of sinks: DELTA

American Industrial Design Award, world-renowned brand

Delta is affiliated with the MASCO Group, which is a Fortune 500 company. The company invested and established in China is Delta Water Tap (China) Co., Ltd. The reason why its products are so popular in the market is because of its excellent Quality and perfect design.

TOP7 of the top ten brands of sinks: SONATA

China's well-known brands, Zhejiang famous brand products

Shunite is an enterprise established by a Sino-foreign joint venture. Its franchise product is stainless steel sink. Its business philosophy is to bring the most advanced and perfect stainless steel sink to Chinese consumers, which will make the kitchen life more life-like.

TOP8 Top Ten Sink Brands: Wan Jieshi

A well-known brand in Guangdong Province and a famous trademark in Zhongshan City

Wanjieshi is a brand of Zhongshan Wanjieshi Sanitary Ware Company. This company is a company specializing in the production of sinks. Its products use the most advanced technology and equipment in the sink industry, and strive to provide consumers with the most perfect. The product.

TOP9 of the top ten brands of sinks: ELKAY

Leading brand of American household and commercial kitchen and bathroom, the world's top brand, and the sales champion of American stainless steel sink market

Aiken comes from North America. The brand has the status of "leading leader" in the sink industry. It is a very famous brand in the world, and its sales share in North America's stainless steel sink market has the highest share.

Top 10 brands of sinks: Franke Franke

World famous brand

Franca is a brand of the Swiss Franca Group. Founded in 1911, it is called the sink guide brand. Its unique product style and quality are recognized by consumers. It has always been at the forefront of global technology innovation.

Warm reminder: I have introduced the relevant information about the ranking of the top ten brands of sinks here. You need to compare the specific one to buy the sink. Finally, I hope everyone can buy a sink that is satisfactory to them. For more information about the sink, please pay attention to this website mall or you can visit the offline experience hall of this website to consult directly.

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