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Bu Lin Outdoor Products is a professional manufacturer and exporter of camping stoves, located in China Hardware Capital - Yongkang. The company has more than 10 years of history of manufacturing hardware products. Over the years, it has been OEM processing for domestic and foreign furnace brands.

The company broke the business model of separation of production and sales, and established a clear and smooth sales channel for production, sales and after-sales service. For outdoor users in a variety of use environments, design a small size, light weight, high firepower, high thermal efficiency of the stove, suitable for 1-2 people. 2-3 people use a variety of cooking utensils and a series of products.

Barstool first major use is in the bar, and now it has been more and more use of chairs, is widely used in rinse it, fast food restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, jewelry stores, cosmetic stores and other venues, on behalf of the passion, fashion and popular. Now, more and more people prefer to put this at home several Bar Stool, let the modern home more rich.
Shape and general chair barstool similar, but higher seat off the ground, it is usually from the seat surface to size 650-900mm. Textured metal bar stool with a modern and generally can rotate 360 degrees.
Barstool divided by major material: wood bar chairs, wood bar chairs, bentwood bar stool, Acrylic bar stool, metal bar stool, rattan bar stool, leather bar stool, fabric bar chairs, plastic bar chairs;
Barstool by the use of performance points: pneumatic lift bar stool, lifting bar chairs, rotating bar stool, fixed bar chairs.

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