"Young" mahogany furniture demand is rising, innovation is imminent

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Want to buy mahogany furniture with innovative elements, where should I start, and where should I go? This is the question in the hearts of emerging consumer groups after 70 and 80. In fact, in addition to the traditional stereotypes of mahogany furniture, many Henwood brands such as Yuan Henry, Youlian, Qingmutang and Xuanming Dianju have already begun to try to improve and innovate on traditional mahogany furniture in order to conform to the market, and the product status is also More and more mature.

"Younger" mahogany furniture demand is rising

Redwood furniture should not be self-determined too early, with a uniform coat. Mr. Zhang, who is in his 40s, has encountered difficulties in purchasing mahogany furniture: there are too few mahogany furniture, but the traditional furniture is much different. At the same time, Mr. Zhang also said that friends around him are also uninterested in traditional mahogany furniture. Indeed, for the emerging consumer groups after the 70s and 80s with strong autonomy and vision, the traditional mahogany furniture with the same historical paintings is slightly rigid, but they love the red wood quality and craftsmanship with the accumulation of experience and financial resources. The desire for mahogany furniture is increasing. According to industry insiders, compared with the purchase of mahogany furniture driven by the “retro tide” in recent years, the demand for “young” mahogany furniture has been more intense in the consumer market recently, but this kind of violent hides behind it. Rational and more rigorous consumer mentality.

Redwood furniture innovation is imminent

Or adjust the size, or increase or decrease the elements, or add new materials, these changes on the one hand close to the modern people's living environment and habits, on the other hand also avoid product homogenization. Is the mahogany furniture used by modern people better than tradition, or is it time for improvement and innovation? Zhu Changling, chairman of the China Furniture Association, bluntly said that the inheritance of classic mahogany furniture can not be less, but also must be shaped. But innovative mahogany furniture with contemporary elements and a record of people's living conditions has also come to the forefront of development. In addition, Ren Cheng, the vice president of the Real Home, also said that in order to allow the new wave of consumer groups to come to buy the right mahogany furniture, the home of the Lizhuang Redwood Hall will introduce more “young” brands and product.

Redwood innovation is best to retain classic moderate improvement

How to make appreciation of mahogany culture and buying mahogany furniture a relaxing and enjoyable thing? In this regard, Zhu Changling of the China Furniture Association believes that buying furniture should not only look at the consumption materials, but also take the energy to look at the innovation and cultural connotation of the products, which can improve the buyer's ease and happiness index. Since the mahogany furniture that was once positioned as “traditional” has reached “innovation”, where is the “new”, how can “new” not abandon traditional culture, but also suit modern tastes and have market value? Fu Junmin, the general manager of Xuanming's furniture in the traditional and innovative proportions, said that it is not easy to be innovative on the shoulders of “classic”, but the experience tells manufacturers that there will be a market with “practical and beautiful” improvements. Pan Haiying, general manager of Youlian Redwood, also said that the structure and woodwork can not be changed, but style, design, size, carving, and even materials can be "innovative" tools.

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