Comprehensive Inquiry: Critical Inheritance and Pioneering Innovation——Building a new socialist culture with Chinese characteristics ppt (Yue Lu Edition will

Comprehensive inquiry: critical inheritance and pioneering innovation-building a new socialist culture with Chinese characteristics ppt (Yuelu version compulsory 3) three or four thousand Chinese characters, twenty or thirty star idols, several popular songs and several martial arts novels, almost All the "spiritual collection" of many Chinese teenagers. Eating KFC, McDonald's, drinking Coca-Cola, watching the young generation of Chinese grown up in "Harry Potter", do you still have your own cultural personality? When you grow up, are you surnamed "Chinese" or "West"? According to the China News Agency report on March 13, the Chinese surname “Xi” should not be allowed! During the "two sessions" this year, such calls were even louder, and there were more representatives on the move. So, how to treat traditional culture and foreign culture?

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