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Meiyi Meijiajiajia, teach you how to break the scam of the liar. In the past ten years, home design has been greatly developed, but the status of “home design” is more reflected in commercial space, urban architecture, landscape design, etc. Few professional lighting designers carry out “home design” for the home environment. ". Home improvement designers are more concerned about how to make the lights better fit the style of the room. The following will share the key points in the design process of Meiyi Meijia.

The use of points, lines, faces, bodies and colors are all important elements in the design of Meiyi Meijia. In addition, the functions of Meiyi Meijia Home include structure, color, environment, materials and other elements. The “material” and “color” that are visible in the room have a pivotal position in the design of the living room. "Home design" has been somewhat neglected. More designers' "home design" tends to be more "home" choice, while Meiyi's "home design" not only pays attention to "lights" but also makes rational use of "home design". Light"

The function of Meiyi Meijiajiajia can only reflect its value in the process of use. The taste designer is designed to design a home with a specific function. Function is the basis for judging the value of furniture. The customer purchases a set of table lamps, not the entity that needs the lamp, but the function that the entity has. No matter how delicate and ingenious the body of a home decoration is made, once it loses its functionality, the furniture itself will lose its meaning.

Conversely, as long as the designer understands the functional requirements of this home design, creative design can be used to create a variety of different forms of home furnishings. The function of the home decoration reflects the relationship between the lamp and the person. People use the various functions of the home decoration to feel the harmony between man and nature, between man and society, and between man and the outside world.

In addition, in addition to the role of lighting, lighting can give people a warm feeling, just like the family that cares for you, so the warm home is always inseparable from the harmonious taste of the home decoration, however, just the right lighting layout, in It is more effective to improve the home's enthusiasm and reduce the bad gas field brought by the dark areas in the home. In this era of fashion and fashion, the decorative effect of Meiyi Meijia Home has become more and more important in life.

Editor: Li Zhengwei Source: China Radio Network

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