Anti-lift type self-adhesive electronic tag

The tamper-resistant self-adhesive electronic tag includes a self-adhesive electronic tag and a strong adhesive layer encapsulated on the electronic tag, on a blank portion of a self-adhesive electronic tag loop antenna with a strong adhesive layer, Cut a semi-open tamper-proof cut. The tamper-proof self-adhesive electronic tag has a tamper-proof function when the electronic tag is used as a product tag, ensures the monitoring and management of the trademark, eliminates the worries of the use of the self-adhesive electronic tag, and effectively promotes the use of the electronic tag. The application of electronic tags in the commodity monitoring and management industry.

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The origin of Fishing Umbrella:

As the Book of Songs said "what, then what Li Suo" fish are wearing hats, wearing hygrophila, to shelter. Over the past ten years, with the development of Chinese economy, improvement of people's living standard, more and more fishing enthusiasts all over the country, the use of equipment and the more diverse and upscale. Some discerning Umbrella factory began to sun umbrella is improved to adapt to the use of fishing environment. These manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Zhejiang, the earlier development of manufacturing fishing umbrella such as ball, Yongfa, boyde shield, long day. After more than 10 years of accumulation, developed dozens of types fishing umbrella, including umbrella cap, Tent umbrella. In foreign countries, the UK is belonging to the earlier manufacturing and use fishing umbrella, is mainly combined with Beach Umbrella and tent. British people like that inserted in the sand beach umbrella, fishing umbrella to Sub cartridge to plug fixed, and for the convenience of fishing to throw, umbrella mounted on a variety of elbow, in order to prevent wind, with the wind plug, ventilation and so on, and Aluminum Alloy and fiber materials to reduce the weight of the umbrella, which are now the market popular fishing umbrella.



At present, fishing umbrella does not have a unified official standard, according to the provisions of the main manufacturers in the industry, from the umbrella surface diameter of roughly 1.8 meters, 2 meters, 2.2 meters to several dimensions (considering bending); distinguished from the cloth, polyester, rubber cloth; from the umbrella, and Ma sand bar, galvanized steel rod, aluminum rod; style, some with an opening, convenient from pole. Some have double umbrella ventilation function, other beautiful. It can be said that the pursuit of fishing umbrella is not only at the function, a sleek design, advanced fishing umbrella, the fishing is appreciating variety and culture and enjoy fishing.


Further development:

Portable, durable, anti ultraviolet radiation and wind and rain, beautiful shape, is the future trend of development, the current fishing umbrella in waterproof still need to be improved. To solve and improve the quality of the products rely on new materials and new technology. As a younger generation fishing umbrella umbrella in the family, there are a lot of space for development.

Fishing Umbrella

Fishing Umbrella

Straight Fishing Umbrella,Outdoor Fishing Umbrella,Durable Fishing Umbrella,Windproof Fishing Umbrella

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