Junda 344 Digital Printing Machine

“Junda” 344 is developed in response to the rapid development of the short-run and fast-printing market. It uses the latest imaging technology, plate processing technology, automation equipment and quality control system. It is a set of the latest thermal CTP and automation technology. A color digital printing machine. Due to the use of the latest type of no-extraction thermal plate, it is not necessary to use any chemicals for post-treatment and it is in full compliance with the environmental trend. In addition, the "Junda" 344 can use traditional ink and paper, so the operating costs are very low.

The Screen is equipped with TrueFit Advance, an automatic printing quality management system for the “Junda” 344. This system can automatically control ink and water in the printing process to achieve stable and high-quality printing.

Whisk is also a heat resistant non-stick silicone coated whisk, which makes this the best whisk for whisking sauces on the stove or in the oven without damaging your expensive pans; Also great as an Egg Whisk or a vinaigrette whisk.

It's super durable, stain and odor resistant. Simply won't discolor, warp, crack, melt or rust like any other whisks. 

colorful silicone whisk makes cooking much easier and more enjoyable. And the whisk ends allow for easy hanging on any hook in your kitchen, allowing for easy storage. A great kitchen tool or Christmas gift/present for new homeowners ! The package come in 3 sizes: 12 inch, 10 inch and 8 inch.

Silicone Egg Whisk

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