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WebSupport is an integral part of VisionSupport for all users of Scitex Vision. WebSupport is a powerful remote production management tool that can be operated through support centers around the world. It can not only detect the location of problems, but also can routinely upgrade drivers, software, and software applications. In addition, new software and upgrade versions can also be installed and tested via network links.

WebSupport was developed through rigorous testing. By applying WebSupport software, engineers can obtain information on all systems and determine the types of services that need to be provided and the parts that need to be adjusted. The use of WebSupport occupies very little production time, so you can maximize machine uptime without delaying normal production.

The VisionSupport program provides three main support functions: Total Care Judgment on-site and off-site support, Optimal Care A budget solution that includes annual preventive maintenance inspections, parts, and other services. Remote Care.

How to use WebSupport

WebSuppor has a good and stable connection with the Internet, can send clear data and provide a completely safe operating environment, user-friendly operation of this system. Although it is possible to remotely control printing equipment and apply all user software, the user can regain control of the entire operating system with a single button.

The user can perform remote diagnosis by entering the 9-digit password by phone, email or text message. The password can only be used once and it is encrypted for security. After logging in, the user provides the relevant data to obtain the source of the problem. According to Golan Moyal, a service engineer responsible for the project, most of the errors are related to software and usually do not need to go through the website to be repaired. In addition to providing faster responses and better use of engineer knowledge and skills, WebSupport provides remote diagnostic capabilities that allow software development professionals to join problem resolution.

In addition, WebSupport also supports audio/video communication between sites and engineers. The machine parts can be detected via the website video. In this way, the engineer can understand which parts need to be brought to the factory for inspection and maintenance, eliminating the need for secondary inspections of the plant, returning the required parts, and then bringing it to the factory for maintenance. By using WebSupport, you can ensure that the entire production system is performed in the best state of the software application, while at the same time reducing the downtime caused by the traditional software update methods. The launch of WebSupport is a win-win alternative for users and Scitex Vision software.

WebSupport applies to all Scitex Vision products. Scitex Vision's customer service department consists of 120 professional engineers and Scitex Vision company partners. The company is headquartered in Israel and has branches all over the world: Atlanta, Beijing, Brussels, Hong Kong, Mexico, and Shanghai. The company's products use the Oracle CRM database, which can obtain customer and system details from around the world while providing personalized services while continuously improving existing service projects.

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