Application of UV Printing Ink on Film (5)

3. Control of Photon Decomposition - In addition to adding the LJJTMTM method, is it recommended or improved a new ink-making method without photoinitiator so that it can be widely used.
4. The hue positioning of UV inks can determine the quality standard of uniform UV ink colorants, especially the purity index. If you can solve the problem of poor tone and printers to use a fully automatic color matching system instrument, you can achieve the standard and shorten the production cycle.
5. High cost of UV inks. Whether high prices can be reduced from the formula and process to the general offset ink price, while improving from the hydrogen bond, tension, free energy and other aspects, to improve the attachment fastness, simplify the process and reduce the ozone odor, thereby reducing environmental pollution and increase the print bit.
6. Non-absorbing UV offset non-polar materials, how to improve from the current 5-8 thousand in India / h, to 30,000 in India / h, while the graphics and text is not dissolved in the solvent, aluminum metal PS plate costs, the use of new models more The replacement of thin high-performance polymers becomes a reality.
7. How to easily remove UV ink printing ink film, easy recycling, regeneration and reuse.
8. The problem of how to print the color sequence can be like how other inks, color sequence can be freely controlled, no irritating to the skin, and reduce the number of printing plate, ink guide, ink transfer roller.
The advent of non-absorbable UV offset non-polar inks, in order to dominate the trend, requires the packaging and printing industry in China to establish a crisis awareness of the national brand, in the development of inheritance, innovation in the inheritance, in order to compete in the spirit of the moment, With joint exploration and hard work, the spring sunshine will not be far off.
Table 1 List of resin binders and pigment dyeing formulas

Name 1 2 3 Name 4 Name 5 Name 6
Wuhan Resin 50.2 46.26 52.8 Polyester acrylate 22.O Polyester acrylate 48.85 Resin 7O. O
Stannous oxide 0.1 0.07 0.1 Poly acrylate 22.0 Stannous chloride 0.94 Crosslinker O. O1
Vinyl Acetate 16.5 8.7 17.26 Epoxy Acrylate 5.O Vinyl Acetate 16.05 Photosensitizer 1-10.0
Methacrylic acid 0.8 10.0 O.85 Additive 12.O Methacrylic acid 0.80 Plasticizer 0.01-1.0
Styrene 3.3 1.5 3.46 Styrene 2.O Styrene 3.23 TM-27 1.0 -
Dibutyl Ester 2.7 3.8 2.86 Dibutyl 5.0 Dibutyl Ester 2.63 - -
Benzoin 1.4 4.44 8.O benzoin 10.0 benzoin 1O.O - -
TM-3 3.O 0.23 - - - LJJ·TM 4.0 - -
Colorants 22.O 25.O 15.O Colorants 18.O Colorants 16.O Colorants 20.0

Remark: Formulation 2 is Xi'an Resin/Formulation 3 Commercially available 191 Resin/Formulation 6 is commercially available 6 is a commercially available 196 resin. (Finish)

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