Caigang antique tile forming machine and plate

The HV-207A Antique Steel Antique Wave Forming Machine and the HG-183 Structural Steel Forming Machine were successfully developed by Zhejiang Seiko Group's Shaoxing Seiko Machinery Factory. In June 2003, they were identified by the Zhejiang Provincial Commission of Science and Technology.
The HV-207A antique color steel tile forming machine and the HG-183 structural steel plate forming machine technology are at the leading domestic level, filling the domestic gap. The antique wave tile and steel bearing floor panel products reach the domestic advanced level, and the market has broad prospects for development.
In addition to the production of colored tiles in China, colored cement tiles have been developed in recent years. These two types of tiles are relatively heavy, with small size and low construction efficiency. The successful development of the color tile corrugating machine and the colorized corrugated tile will greatly promote the innovation of the construction industry in roofing materials. In the past, the production was carried out using intermittent fixed-length stamping, which resulted in low efficiency, short length, and limited application under certain conditions. The Caigang antique wave tile forming machine adopts continuous punching production and cuts into different lengths of wave tiles according to engineering requirements, which has high production efficiency and stable quality.
In the steel structure system of China, most of the steel-concrete floor slabs used in floor-to-ceiling slabs are convex and concave. This type of floor-to-ceiling slab and concrete bonding strength and the decorative effect of the works are not satisfactory, and Seiko Machinery Works The development of the steel deck panel section looks like a continuous type. The first floor of such a floor board is firmly integrated with the concrete, and the second is to facilitate the decoration construction, which greatly improves the quality of the project and the construction efficiency.

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