Japan's Prince develops high compression rate forming paper

Japan's Oji Paper Co., Ltd. has recently developed a high-compression rate molding paper that is used to make food containers and will soon be officially produced.
Conventional paper container sheets are difficult to stretch after being heated and subjected to stress, and are difficult to process into containers of various shapes. Even if they are processed into containers, the creases of the containers are apt to leak liquid. The paper produced by Oji Paper is made from wood suitable for the company's own forest and is made by adding a unique pharmaceutical formula to the wood pulp. The molding paper has a high compression rate, has the characteristics of being easy to process, is not easy to be deformed, etc. At the same time, it can also be used as a burning treatment of paper products, does not cause environmental pollution, thereby greatly saving processing costs, and is an ideal substitute for plastic containers. The Oji Paper Plan produces 2,000 tons of this high-compression rate molding paper each year after two years.

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