Shandong two new polymer identification

The two projects developed by Qingdao University of Science and Technology and Qilu Petrochemical Co., Ltd. jointly developed "Polyolefin micro drip irrigation tube special materials" and "Controlled free radical polymerization method to develop functional polystyrene new varieties."
The research and development of special materials for polyolefin droplet irrigation pipe is based on the current advanced water-saving irrigation technology - micro irrigation. Due to the high price of imported special materials and poor overall performance of domestic blends, the popularization and application of micro-irrigation technology in China has been greatly limited. The special materials developed by Qingdao University of Science and Technology not only have higher strength but also good cold resistance, and the pipes produced have folding resistance and flexibility.
The development of functional polystyrene new varieties by controlled free radical polymerization is a new material synthesis technology. This technology is used in nanogel microspheres as a rubber processing performance modifier, high-grade core-shell microelastomer coatings, and rigid particle toughening modification. A breakthrough has been made in the application of the agent, the performance of the polystyrene has been improved, and new functions have been given to it, opening up new fields of application and enabling polystyrene to be used in the preparation of high-grade coatings, inks, rubber processing and plastics. Tough modifiers, and in dyes, biochemistry, medicine and many other fields, have broad application prospects.

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