Degradable soybean fiber synthetic leather

The degradable soybean fiber synthetic leather exceeds the dermis in physical properties, and the external performance has natural expression, can protect the ecology, reduce environmental pollution, make full use of non-natural resources, and achieve the purpose of protecting the environment. In the field of synthetic leather, most of the non-woven fabrics made of 100% chemical synthetic fibers (polyester, nylon) are used as the base. Due to the difficulty in degradability of chemical fibers, it is easy to pollute the environment, and most of the chemical fibers are due to their The incompatibility of the skin causes uncomfortable wearing. Soybean fiber belongs to the regenerative plant protein fiber. It is based on soy-soybean meal extracted from oil and uses bioengineering technology to extract globulin from soybean meal by adding functional additives. It is known as “healthy and comfortable fiber of the new century” by grafting, copolymerizing and blending with high polymer such as cyano group to make a certain concentration of protein silk liquid, changing the spatial structure of protein and making it by wet spinning.

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Faux Wood Venetian Blinds

Faux wood Venetian Blinds are constructed of strips that can be rotated in order to be opened, The rotation can be up to 180 degrees and at that position they're closed. This design allows the slats to be rotated. So the light may enter the room. Make room looks more harmony and warmly. Otherwise they can be pulled up so the entire window to be clear. Daylighting adjust can control by yourself until you statisfied. It is Durable, Fireproof, Waterproof, Economic, Heat Resistance. and easy to clean. also easy to installed. It is not only suit for Home use, but also Commercial use. Like Kitchen, Bedroom, Child's Room, Office, and so on. faux wood blinds are warp resistant, have UV ratings as high as 500 and come in colors that would be hard to find in natural wood blinds. Because of their resistance to warping, faux wood window blinds are suitable for areas with extreme temperature swings or high moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens.                                          

Faux Wood Venetian Blinds

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