Incubator with over-temperature and sensor anomaly protection

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The insulation material of the incubator structure 1 box is made of polyurethane foam foam in the field, which has strong anti-interference ability to the external heat (cold) source.
2 There is a duct in the working chamber, and the temperature is evenly distributed.
3 The inner wall is made of stainless steel and has good corrosion resistance.
4 The heating system can raise the temperature to 50 °C when the ambient temperature is -5 °C.
5 The refrigeration system can cool down to 5 °C when the ambient temperature is 32 °C.
The 6-inch spring bottle holder is especially suitable for the cultivation of biological samples for a variety of comparative tests.
7 stepless speed regulation, safe operation.
8 temperature control is accurate, digital display.

Incubator technology advantages ● Microcomputer automatic control, touch switch, easy to operate.
● Programmable control mode, temperature and illuminance can be set separately in day and night (five-level adjustable).
● With power-down memory, power-down time automatic compensation function.
● Constant temperature control system, fast response and high temperature control accuracy.
● Air duct ventilation, the studio wind speed is gentle and the temperature is even.
●Using hollow reflective tempered coated glass, it has good heat insulation performance and beautiful appearance.
● With over-temperature and sensor abnormal protection function to ensure the safety of instruments and samples.
●With multi-spectral imported plant growth lamps, it is conducive to the growth of cultures and improve disease resistance.

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