"ENDURIUM" High-performance Industrial Slitting Blade

"ENDURIUM" high-performance industrial slitting blades use a unique technology. The only steel in the world that is made of extremely hard M2 high-speed tool steel, and accordingly selected a special ceramic coating, making it the most durable industrial slitting blade . Its range of products includes: Solid Ceramic, Carbide Ceramic Coated, and Standard.

Among them, ceramic coatings and standard non-coated blades are made of special high-speed tool steel M2, which is currently the world's only slitting blade produced from this material, hard and durable.

The standard blade can be equivalent to 8 times the service life of the ordinary carbon steel blade, the ceramic coated blade can be equivalent to 16 times the service life of the ordinary carbon steel blade, and the full hard ceramic blade is equivalent to 100 times the service life of the ordinary carbon steel blade. .

It should be noted that the full hard ceramic blade has a hard and brittle texture, and is suitable for the slitting of retractable membranes with extremely high abrasion resistance, and is not suitable for applications where lateral displacement is easy to move.

The "ENDURIUM" series currently offers blade standard models with Injector, Slotted, and 3-hole for different cutting equipment and applications.

Source: China Flexible Packaging Industry

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