How to classify the level of formaldehyde

【Abstract】 Formaldehyde is one of the most important chemical substances in today's life. The main hazard of formaldehyde is the stimulation of skin mucosa. When formaldehyde reaches a certain concentration in the room, people have discomfort. The concentration of formaldehyde greater than 0.08m? can cause redness, itchy eyes, sore throat or pain, hoarseness, sneezing, chest tightness, asthma, dermatitis, etc. Here we introduce the level of formaldehyde classification: Tongxing Furniture share.

Compared with the market, the formaldehyde emission limit value and inspection method for the wood-based panel products such as density fiberboard, particleboard and oriented strand board adopt the European standard. Namely: the formaldehyde release limit of the E1 grade product is ≤9mg/100g (can be used directly indoors), and the E2 grade product is >9~≤30mg/100g (it must be allowed to be used indoors after finishing treatment). The test method uses a perforation extraction method.
For the market-finished wood-based panels (including impregnated paper laminated wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring, etc.), the standard adopts the Japanese agricultural standard (the Japanese academic standards for the formaldehyde emission limit of artificial panels are the most in industrialized countries. Strictly, the 40L dryer test is required, that is, the formaldehyde release limit of the E1 grade product is ≤1.5mg/L, and the floor conforming to this standard is classified as the A product (ie, health and environmental protection product).
Regardless of whether it is the existing national standard in China or the relevant standards of advanced countries in the world, there is no concept of “E0 level” in all official standard materials, and “E0 level” is passive water.

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