Pumping type nitrogen dioxide detection alarm

Gas measured? Gas?Detected Nitrogen oxide (NO2) detection principle? Detection?principle Electrochemical principle sampling method Sampling? Method pumping type, flow rate up to 1L / min, pump suction size has ten gears adjustable ???Measure?Range 0-20ppm points resolution? Resolution 0.01ppm precision??Precision 2%FS For details, please download

Microscope Slide Storage Box

Designed as a concenient solution for temporary storage and transferring slide. Accommodates both the Yushuoda standard Microscope slides in dimensions of 75.0 mm* *25.0 mm with thickness from 0.8 mm to 1.2 mm and also the microscope slides of 76.0 mm*26.0 mm *(0.8 -1.2 ) mm on the market.

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