Popularization of knowledge: basic knowledge of automatic colony counter

Because of its high degree of automation, the analysis results can be checked, and the sample information can be retained, the automatic colony counter has been gradually loved by more and more scientific research institutes and health disease control parts. How to choose a model to obtain a colony counter with excellent performance and achieve a high cost performance? This has to be explained from the principle of this type of instrument. All the automatic colony counters available on the market today use the imaging analysis method to achieve automatic counting, which is composed of [imaging hardware + analysis software]. Any missing points on these two contents will seriously affect the counting analysis results. Stability.

Imaging hardware is used to obtain clear and effective colony images for analysis and counting. The imaging hardware includes camera imaging and scanning imaging. The advantages of taking a photo by CMOS plus a camera are: fast imaging speed, which can display fine colonies on the surface and deep layers of the culture medium. Make sure to get a colony image within 0.5 seconds. The advantages of taking pictures by SLR cameras and card machines are: automatic focusing and generally higher pixel resolution, but the imaging takes 3 to 4 seconds. The difficulty in taking pictures is that the brightness of the points on the Plate is not uniform due to the different distance between the light surface and the middle of the plate and its side. Therefore, it needs to be corrected automatically by the software. It should be pointed out that the dark field is only a way of imaging, and the phenomenon is that the target is in a suspended state, which has appeared for decades.

Scanning imaging is different from creating a uniform surface light source in a photo light box. The linear light source is converted into a surface light source by movement. The light intensity is relatively uniform. The uniformity is usually an order of magnitude higher than the surface light source of the photo light box. Scan imaging is from imaging hardware This fundamentally solves the problem of uneven brightness of the colony target. The scanned image is exactly the same as the image seen during the manual counting process. It can realize the automatic imaging analysis of 6 plates at the same time, but its performance on the surface color of the colony It is slightly inferior to taking pictures from the front of the dish, but this does not prevent its automatic counting.

The analysis software is another core component of the automatic colony counter. Because of the diversity of colony organisms, the performance or imaging on the culture medium cannot be roughly the same. For these changes, the following aspects should be considered in the selection of analysis software:

1. Colony intelligent identification technology (can be self-learned to form a one-click operation, better), adhesion colony segmentation, colony morphology analysis, area selection statistics, diameter classification statistics, mouse click counting, color recognition statistics, manual counting Correction, elimination of polluted area counting, automatic conversion function, automatic impurity rejection ...

2. Automatic analysis of colony diameter, area and other precise measurement functions such as length, angle and area

3. Automatic data storage, query, Excel export report printing, etc.

4. Bacteriostatic circle measurement, paper sensitivity analysis, multi-dish analysis, spiral plate analysis

For the scientific research and quality inspection departments, the requirements of the colony analyzer are getting higher and higher. The software functions of high-end products should be able to meet the needs of one-key operation. People pay more and more attention to the comfort of man-machine combination, pay attention to the powerful function of the product and the simplification of the operation are inversely proportional to the real liberation of users.

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