Recommend 4 Landwind 2 series products of Sophie Nilo double ceiling

The double ceiling is an upgraded version of the integrated ceiling. It changes the mediocre structure of the integrated ceiling. The Sofinello successfully applied the principles of human body aesthetics and visual space. However, the unique application of the edge relief art has created the era of double ceilings. The industry pioneered the concept of the top of the land and the wind, with the demeanor of the top of the land and the colorful human life of the wind roof, it is the essence of the Sophie Nilo double suspended ceiling.

The first Landwind 2 series-Mycenae

The ancient Mycenae civilization, the ancient culture that is beyond our reach, and the enlarged mind of the Aegean Sea cannot reveal its greatness and mystery. The reticulated mechanism of the double suspended ceiling contains the flower of civilization that is both magical and true, mysterious and ancient.

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The second Landwind 2 series-Fatima

Taoism is natural and the source of all things. The natural and romantic design style reflects the modern and fashionable European style; the delicate and soft lines bring a romantic and comfortable state of mind. The double-decked ceiling space that is inseparable from its ancestors is a kind of enjoyment and has nothing to do with the expression of personality.

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The third Landwind 2 series-Miller Pastoral

A light smile, the playful and cheerful picture of Canglang youngsters; Miller's pursuit is calm and calm language, simple shape, steady melody, easy to understand, concise and simple, but never mediocre and shallow, full of sincere and touching power. The meaning is profound and thought-provoking, this is the Sophinello double ceiling Miller idyll

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The fourth Landwind 2 series-Barbizon

The scenery from the forest of Fontainebleau in Paris, France in the 19th century is fresh and natural. The end of the wind in the double suspended ceiling is endless. The great perception of nature and humanism is between life and nature.

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