The design and connotation of drug packaging are changing

With the development of economy and technology, the packaging industry has shown great vitality in recent years. Drugs, because of their main role in protecting and improving human health, ensure the safety, effectiveness, and stability of drugs for a long period of time under various conditions, while the promotion effect is secondary to pharmaceutical packaging. In recent years, as a result of technological advancement, human health concerns and environmental awareness have increased, and pharmaceutical packaging has also grown toward a safer, more comprehensive and non-polluting direction.

World Pharmaceutical Packaging Trends


Sales statistics show that packaging materials for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and chemicals are following the flow of packaging for food packaging. Although drug packaging is not as attractive as food packaging, it is still the focus of current development. One of the reasons is that some large chemical conglomerates are diversifying. This trend is inevitable and necessary.

Diversification of packaging materials

Drugs have always been banned from advertising, but advertising for premium cosmetics is everywhere. The commonality is that packaging has become the focus of development, and the packaging materials used are also diverse.

Focus on safety

The main role of drugs is to improve human health, and its packaging should focus on safety. Therefore, doctors also have the right to instruct how to pack drugs.

Compliance with environmental trends

Nowadays, more and more drug manufacturers are following the trend of environmental protection by introducing small packages, such as transparent bubble blister made of polypropylene instead of PVC.

World new pharmaceutical packaging products

From the perspective of packers, folding boxes require that they reduce the use of raw materials, such as reducing the average weight by 20%, selecting cheaper cardboard, using partially recycled raw materials plus natural white raw materials or partially pure raw materials, but Must have the same performance and packaging capabilities.

From the consumer's point of view, they must have confidence in the purchased product and require detailed product descriptions on the packaging.

Glass label

People are accustomed to printing all the information on the basic package, glass, with the same label and package insert. After the self-adhesive label is pulled from one corner, the brochure can be seen, refolded and reattached to the glass. In addition, such labels can be applied to other products such as cosmetics, foods, batteries and promotional items.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization) plan, the effective date printed on the product is "easy to see". Because some of the labels will change color with the length of time they are stored, anyone who is illiterate in the world can use this label to know the drug's acceptability.

One-handed use

Syringes used in the operating room can also be applied to the most advanced packaging. As we all know, many things in the hospital need to be carried out at the same time. Packaging is used as a tool to help solve the busy work of the hospital. On the one hand, it ensures the safety of patients, and on the other hand, it facilitates the work of medical personnel. For example, a package of long-term disinfectant containing liquids and sponges, with one finger pressing on one end, the designated point will open to facilitate disinfection during the operation.

Modern packaging such as disposable syringes and medical systems that are inserted directly into the body to perform surgery are advanced and sophisticated. These devices must be manufactured using injection molding, and products that are completely free of spigots and sharp corners should be manufactured under high levels of disinfection. ,This is an important point.

Packaging contractor

Today's packers have some equipment that makes drug companies envious. Some drug manufacturers cannot package certain products because they do not have a production line that meets the requirements of drug regulations, and they are reluctant to spend money on expensive automation equipment that is only suitable for investment in mass production. As a result, drug manufacturers will turn to the packaging contractor for assistance when launching small series products and launching new drugs.

Environmental conditioning package

The so-called environmental conditioning package changes the state of the gas in the package and guarantees the quality of the packaged product for a longer period of time. For example, a package containing a desiccant (oxygen absorbent), an air replacement package, and the like are enclosed.

These packages are generally better able to protect the drug and extend the shelf life of the drug.

The desiccant, oxygen absorbent, etc. used in environmental conditioning packaging are used according to the physical properties of the drug. Generally calcium chloride, silica gel and the like are used. These substances do not react with the drug and cause the drug to fail or be modified. Some new materials are also being used for environmental conditioning packaging.

Less metering

In order to facilitate dispensing and reduce dispensing errors, it is required that the packaging be accurately metered, ie, less metered. Less metering packages include packaging materials with metering capabilities (eg, low metering hoses in hoses) and one-time-use packages, the latter being common, low metering packages. Such as the development of composite materials and the development of sterilizing packaging technology, can effectively ensure the accuracy of liquid dosage and solid dosage one-time packaging. The one-time dosage packaging is that the medicine production factory packs according to the dosage of conventional prescription before the medicine is delivered. In the United States, all-in-one packaging was introduced in 1990, and the United Kingdom now has 55% of its medicines in single-use packaging.

Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai Third Medical University, began to use a brand new method of traditional Chinese medicine preparation. The traditional Chinese medicine formula does not rely on one hand to grasp and blindly savor, but the pharmacist, like a supermarket, usually chooses a small package for the patient on the shelf. . They visited the city's major pharmacies, Chinese medicine manufacturers, and finally with the support of the Luwan District Chinese Herbal Pieces Factory and other units, took the lead in implementing a small packaging recipe for Chinese medicine in Shanghai. The pharmacy is equipped with more than 800 kinds of small packaging Chinese herbs according to different specifications, which can basically meet the needs of patients. This new method not only has accurate doses, reduces the chance of contamination, but also greatly speeds up the formulation process, shortens the patient's waiting time, and comes with a detailed description of the decoction, which is very popular among patients.

Environmental protection packaging

The commonly used packaging materials are to be disposed of with waste and cannot pollute the environment. Especially after the ISO 14000 standard has been put into effect, the development of environmental protection packaging has become a necessary task. The contamination from pharmaceutical packaging is mainly "white pollution" with viruses. When dealing with pharmaceutical packaging, in order to prevent the virus that may be accompanied by the patient from spreading, disinfection is essential. Only in this way can the medicine be truly used to protect human health. For "white pollution", although the new type of biodegradable packaging materials developed now solves some problems, for pharmaceutical products, the replacement of packaging materials requires at least three years of stability experiment. This shows that this task is a long and arduous task.

Serialized packaging

In recent years, CIS has developed rapidly in China, and serialization of packaging has been gradually taken into account. With the implementation of China's pharmaceutical OTC, the serialization of pharmaceutical packaging and decoration will also show its capabilities. The serialization of pharmaceutical packaging means that the same manufacturer produces drugs that use a unified picture structure, changing color tones, composition positions of text and patterns, and art processing methods, giving people a sense of coherence and unity, thus forming a unique style and facilitating consumption. Recognize and enhance publicity. For example, products such as erythromycin suppositories, chuanping suppositories, and indomethacin suppositories manufactured by Nanjing Jiangpu Pharmaceutical Factory use the same layout and pattern to distinguish different products through changes in color.

Another example is Xishen Yangsen's products such as sibutone, domperidone, Yimengdun, and Sibelin, which use the same pattern, pattern, and standard color—red, except they are blue, yellow, and green, respectively. The color of the product, the seemingly boring molecular structure used in the screen, varies from product to product, more precisely distinguishing different drug species, distinctive features, unique style, and establishing a series of images in the minds of patients. At the same time also won the market.

On the basis of the unified pattern, small changes will make people feel inflexible and lively; and large changes are also inevitable, such as the products of Sino-US Squibb Company: An Kang, Shi Er-Kang, Xiao Shi Er-Kang, here The packaging of the products adopts a uniform pattern, using different colors and patterns to distinguish different varieties and suits the crowd. It is refreshing. Schalcon adopts a red gradient and abstract human form; Little Schalcon uses a POP wrapper shape, with a green gradient and a cute cartoon rabbit image, lively and vivid, suitable for children; Ankang, a blue gradient, highlighting the image of pregnant women, Intuitive and clear. Although these varieties have a large change in packaging, they are also harmonious and unified, which is also a development direction for forming a series of styles.
In addition, as an important part of drug packaging, characters also play an important role in serialized design. Different varieties use the same typeface and the same typographic layout, clear and bright, such as the Tylenol Flu and Tylenol painkiller packaging of the US Johnson & Johnson company is a wonderful example.

Reprinted from: China Packaging News

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