The Innovative Value of Electronic Commerce in Print Publishing

The impact of the Internet on print publishing is positive, and the future of print publishing will shift to paperless publishing. Another part of traditional printing will not be replaced by the Internet.

The Internet is a century revolution, which includes six major categories: communication revolution, knowledge revolution, access revolution, recreation revolution, financial revolution, and life revolution. The revolution in the Internet for the software industry is spreading, and the Internet has several important features: 1. The Internet is a global media. 2. The Internet is a 24-hour instant media. 3. The Internet is highly interactive. 4. The multimedia features of the Internet. 5. Internet data can be retrieved, which is the database. In a word, the Internet is a "Global Timely Interactive Multimedia Database," and the focus of e-commerce is on "databases."

In the traditional trading model, there will be first-order and first-degree exploitation, but in the Internet trading mode, manufacturers will directly contact consumers with the transaction mechanism and provide more additional services, so many commodities will be affected by this. The impact of a new trading model.

It is estimated that by the end of 2000, there will be 200 million Internet users worldwide, and in Taiwan, according to NII's estimates, there will be 5 million people by the end of 2000. In 1998, e-commerce in the United States began to grow. The number of people using the Internet in the United States exceeded 25% of the total population in that year. Taiwan will cross this threshold by the end of 2000, symbolizing the advent of the e-commerce era.

In addition to B2C (business-to-person), the e-commerce of the Internet is B2B (business-to-business) e-commerce. B2B e-commerce will become the mainstream of e-commerce. It is estimated that in 2001 B2C e-commerce will grow to 1080 billion U.S. dollars, while B2B e-commerce will grow to 1 trillion 500 billion U.S. dollars.

With a global gross output value of more than US$750 billion, the print publishing station is a large industry, and the print publishing industry has a record of thinking, knowledge preservation, and information dissemination. Therefore, under the impact of the new dissemination of science and technology, the print publishing industry will not disappear, but it needs transformation and change. The Internet has a major impact on print publishing: immediacy, personalization, and searchability. The above defects are beyond traditional plane media. But from another perspective, the Internet uses its own characteristics to make up for the lack of traditional print media.

In the generation of the Internet, print publishing will not disappear completely, but the market share will be reduced, and the Internet is a global market. Therefore, entering the Internet market is to market the world, so if not Entering the Internet market early, opponents will enter earlier.

In the age of the Internet, five industries, travel agencies, order providers, insurance, newspaper classifieds, and automobile sales, will be replaced by the Internet for most of their businesses.

Entering the e-commerce market has a certain threshold, so we must be cautious about selecting the entry point, and the most important thing is “content”. The print publishing industry itself has content. In addition, the print publishing industry has its own access, so it has the advantage of marketing. Marketing promotion costs have become the main cost of Internet companies. In addition, the print publisher has established its own reputation and goodwill, so it is easier to gain the trust of consumers in the e-commerce market. Finally, if the current flat publishers enter the e-commerce market, they will have both More than just the web company of the website, there is the cost of winning.

The core values ​​of B2C e-commerce are: price, convenience, and service. In terms of price, if we can effectively use e-commerce, we can effectively reduce costs and provide more favorable price competition. In terms of convenience, the Internet provides a convenient transaction model; in terms of services, it is actually e-commerce. The content provided must meet the needs of users. Content is the main incentive for users to access the Internet, and almost everything can become content. However, the core of B2B e-commerce is changed to: cost, efficiency, and service.

The opportunity for the print publishing industry to enter e-commerce lies in providing searchable instant, electronic, personalized content and a niche that balances prices, convenience, and service.

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