Two causes of defective products

There is a QZK 920 Computer Cutter, which has been used for many years. The following two situations have occurred when cutting: 1 The cutter and the paper press of the Cutter have normal operation performance, but the cut paper is cut. The cutting surface of the product is not perpendicular to the table surface of the cutter. The middle portion of the cutting surface is arced and recessed to form an arc surface. The length of the middle and upper and lower portions of the stack of paper products is deviated, and the length of the middle concave portion is greater than that of the upper and lower portions. Short l~1.5mm. 2 The cutter operation of the cutter and the press operation of the paper presser are normal, and the speed is slightly slower during the lift-up reset process. The cut paper stack does not have the cut plane perpendicular to the work table of the cutter, and the cut plane is not. Sloped, short and long, with a maximum difference of 1.8mm. Obviously, these two kinds of cutting products are not in conformity with quality requirements.

On the surface, the symptoms of these two cases are that the cutting surface cannot be normal to the working surface of the machine, and the length of the same product is different. In fact, the causes of these two types of defective products are completely different. This article analyzes the following reasons based on the situation at the scene.

1 The operation performance of the paper cutter is normal, and the folded paper cut section is arced. The reason for this check is that the corner of the knife is not suitable. After cutting the ordinary offset paper, the operator turned to cut coated paper, but did not replace the cutter used to cut off the coated paper, and the cutting angle of the cutter knife was incorrect, resulting in defective products. After replacing the applicable knife, the quality of the cut product is normal. Before and after the use of the two kinds of cutting knife blade angle is only 2 ° difference, it can be seen that the appropriate choice of knife angle cutter knife or not is critical to the quality of cutting.

2 Cut surface into a ramp. After inspection, the cutting angle of the cutting knife is selected correctly, there is no problem with the cutting knife, and the insufficient pressure of the paper presser causes the product cutting surface to become a ramp. One by one, after examining various aspects that may affect the pressure on the platen, the cause was found to be that the compression spring in the lower spool of the platen cylinder had broken a section due to long fatigue, so that the working performance of the platen cylinder could not be satisfied when the product was cut. The applied pressure requires that the quality of the cut meets the requirements after replacing the intact spring.

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