The new surface coating of wooden door finishing greatly affects the wooden door grade

As the Chinese wooden door industry in the growth stage, it is still unable to fully meet the needs of the market in terms of quantity and variety. The choice of wooden doors is the face project of each family, representing a way of life and a manifestation of being kind to yourself. With the continuous development of China's national economy, the quality of life of ordinary people is increasing day by day, and the quality requirements for life are getting higher and higher, which will inevitably bring huge business opportunities to the wooden door industry.

How to guide the market consumption, provide environmentally friendly, beautiful, value-for-money products to the vast number of consumers, is the subject that every enterprise should face. It can be predicted that the market will have higher and higher requirements for the comprehensive quality of wooden doors, and the requirements for wooden door painting will be higher and higher. According to the survey, some wooden door enterprises still have a lot of room for improvement in the painting process. Some products can be viewed from a distance, not near. From a distance, it is magnificent or calm, but from a close inspection, the surface of the wooden door is unsatisfactory. Orange peel, collapse, hair, and low definition are not controlled.

How to improve the surface coating effect of products, stimulate the eyes of consumers, and paint as an important selling point of products to win the market is an important task that must be done. Wood is a limited resource. The selection of high-quality precious wood in production will be increasingly limited by limited resources, and the selection of high-quality wood will also significantly increase material costs and reduce the market share of products. For companies that are not positioned in the high-end market, this option is not advisable. The use of ordinary material veneer products is bound to win the mainstream market of wooden doors. The rational use of coating materials and painting processes is an effective method to solve the coating effect, improve product quality and enhance product market positioning.

At present, most wooden door enterprises use polyester coatings (also known as PU coatings) as the preferred material for primer coating and topcoating. This is a relatively mature lacquering process that has been recognized by enterprises and the market. From the perspective of the lacquering process of the furniture industry, the use of PE-based polyester primers will have more advantages. The product has a high solid content and good fullness, and a high-thickness coating can be obtained in one coat. It has fast drying, high hardness, good sanding and less oozing. Its high quality, low consumption, time saving, low pollution, and excellent overall performance are unmatched by general PU primer. The combination of PE primer and PU topcoat has been widely used in the painting of wood products of furniture enterprises. The wooden door enterprises are not using this kind of matching at present. The “Qianchuan” and “Emperor Wind” of Chengdu have already begun. use.

With the increasing market share of veneer or solid wood products, the way of opening or semi-opening will be more and more popular in the market. For the coating of open and semi-opening holes, some of the export-oriented solid wood furniture enterprises in the coastal areas use nitro-based coatings. Because the nitro paint does not need to add a curing agent and does not contain free TDI, it is superior in environmental protection, and the three-dimensional and layered effect after finishing is excellent. The “Hongxin” solid wood door produced by “Xinlinhong Wood Industry Co., Ltd.” in Chengdu is made of nitro coating, which is very effective. For wooden door companies, it is recommended to use a combination of PU primer and nitro topcoat.

It is worth noting that the influence of the wooden door brand is not only closely related to the construction of the sales network, but also inseparable from the pricing of the terminal market. In addition to the packaging and publicity of the company, the product quality of the company is also the killer of the brand. In the case of roughly the same substrate, the choice of coating and coating process is crucial, and the low cost of the material cannot be excessively pursued.

Haier's products have high price and large market share. They are deeply loved by consumers. They start from every detail, improve product quality, occupy the market with high-quality brands, return the society with value-for-money products, and cultivate rich profits. Haier has raised an internationally renowned brand. It can be asserted that in the near future, China's wooden door industry giants will grow up and a large number of excellent wooden door terminal brands will be produced.

Today's wooden door industry needs to be forward-looking, build a strong terminal brand, and create a large number of outstanding Chinese wooden door outstanding enterprises.

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