Three strokes method of cleaning wooden furniture

Clean the wood in your home and look at the three practical small methods recommended by the US Reader Network:

1. Blow. You may have had a pleasant and romantic evening, but you definitely don't want to use the waxy oil on the wooden table to leave a good memory for you.

Open to the lowest wind speed, the highest temperature, melt the wax oil; wipe off the melted wax oil with a paper towel, then soak a rag in a mixture of half vinegar and half water, and remove the area where the rag wipes the wax oil. If necessary, repeat this process to remove the wax oil easily. By the way, the hair dryer can also remove the wax oil from the silver candlestick: soften the wax oil with a hair dryer and then remove it directly.

2. Beer. Do you have any expired or steamed beer in your house? Don't throw it away, you can use this beer to clean wooden furniture! Use a soft cloth to rub the beer onto the furniture, then wipe it off with another dry cloth. The task is gone.

3. Tea. Use tea to clean wooden furniture or it's great. You can cook two bags of tea with one liter of water and wait for cooling. After cooling, soak a piece of soft cloth in the tea, then remove and screw out the excess water, wipe off the dust and dirt with this cloth, and then dry it with a clean soft cloth. The furniture and floor will be as clean as ever.

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