Centrifugal sealing machine application status and trends.

At present, most of the domestic market for centrifugal chillers is mainly occupied by some companies in Europe, Japan and the United States. More famous companies such as Trane, Carrier, York, McQuay, AXIMA (formerly Sulzer), Ebara, Mitsubishi and others rely on advanced technologies. The technology and good process leading centrifugal chiller market. Domestic companies are mainly Chongqing General, early introduction of NREC's technology to develop centrifugal machines. With the development of society, users need more and more cold, in addition to energy-saving requirements Makes centrifugal units more and more widely marketed. Some domestic air conditioner manufacturers such as Haier, Okema, Gree and Midea (combined with Chongqing General Motors) have launched their own centrifugal chillers. Daheng and AXIMA have cooperated to develop centrifugal chillers. And district heating centrifugal heat pump units. Most of these centrifugal units use environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a.

As the form of energy is becoming increasingly tense, energy saving and consumption reduction are a major trend in product development. In addition, as the level of urbanization in China continues to increase, building energy consumption continues to increase. Centrifugal chillers with the highest coefficient of performance will undoubtedly become hot spots in the market. In recent years, the sales of centrifugal chillers have continuously increased.

Most domestic companies that develop centrifugal chillers only purchase import sealing machines. There is basically no profit. Foreign centrifuge manufacturers will not easily transfer their own core technologies. To develop centrifugal sealing machines, only take the path of independent development. With the continuous development of design and manufacturing technology, the development of domestic centrifugal sealer has become possible.


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