Paper cup dragon handmade

Paper cup dragon handmade

Paper cup dragon handmade

Paper cup dragon handmade

Handmade materials:
1 paper cup , three plush balls, two active eyes , color cardboard, twisted bar , and two silver sequins , two small gold bells, glue sticks, glue, etc.

1. Make two eyes of the plush ball and stick it to the bottom of the cup as shown in the figure, then stick the active eye.
2. Make another plush ball into the nose, stick it to the mouth of the cup, and then stick two silver pieces to make the nostrils.
3. Use a yellow cardboard to cut two triangles to make the teeth stick to the sides of the nose.
4. Cut the twisted rod into two small pieces and paste it under the eyes as shown in the figure. The twisting rod is bent a few times, and the top is stuck with a small golden bell.
5, use a red cardboard to cut a triangle to make the tongue, paste in the cup as shown in the figure
6, then use the red cardboard to cut two triangles to make the ear, paste on the bottom of the cup, the ear should be on the underside of the eye
7. Use a color cardboard to make the body and tail. Cut a long strip to do the body (you can use the colored strokes to draw your favorite scales on the body), fold it as shown in the picture (like the accordion style fold), or you can stick the small paper with the color jam after folding. The film is made of scales.
8. Paste the body and the faucet.

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