Environmentally friendly wardrobes are most popular with consumers

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The wardrobe industry has been doing environmental protection, introducing more good materials and good equipment into its own business, pursuing to treat customers as relatives, the industry is developing, and customers are choosing.

As for the impact of the global financial crisis, wardrobe enterprises, like other industries, have already spent the winter. In the interview, it was found that when consumers buy wardrobes, they still put environmental protection first, but now they are more rational and the orders are more cautious. For some brands of scale enterprises, because they have a series of countermeasures, they may not feel too cold for this "winter".


In recent years, the wardrobe industry has presented a very obvious feature, that is, the content of smart technology is higher. Some brands have joined the ranks of “intelligent wardrobes”; a series of cutting-edge technologies have entered the high-end kitchens and people's lives are closely related. When consumers buy wardrobes, they certainly want to buy green wardrobes, which leads to competition in the wardrobe industry. Intense, large and small wardrobes are fighting for "environmental cards." However, many consumers have doubts about choosing a wardrobe, especially in terms of environmental performance. Whether environmental protection is up to standard is an important indicator for determining the purchase of the wardrobe.

According to the survey data of China's wardrobe network , the current investment in the overall home is increasing, and the attention to the wardrobe products is getting higher and higher. At the same time, as the market becomes more mature and the competition is fierce, consumers are obviously more rational when buying wardrobes. Many consumers used to only pay attention to the price. When buying wardrobes, they first asked the price first. However, Now they are more rational, from product quality, quality, service to design, they are asking one by one. When consumers buy, they are no longer blind, but they choose to compare products and then cautiously order. In the past, consumers only looked at a single aspect, such as environmental quality or product style, but now they will measure the purchase criteria from multiple details, and then choose after all considerations.

Experts predict that the wardrobe market will be like the "autumn sweeping leaves". Some small-brand enterprises with low quality and bad after-sales will be eliminated. The entire wardrobe industry can only bring new development to the development of the enterprise after re-shuffling. The vitality further enhances the gold content of the wardrobe brand.

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