COFCO Meide Launches High-Definition, Hi-Fi Color Printing Iron and Digital Proofing

There are three special new demands and trends for packaging printing: the need to enhance shelf visual impact when high-end brand users carry out packaging promotions, high-fidelity printing, anti-counterfeit effects, and increasingly small batches, varieties, and impositions. With the demand for wide color domain printing and copying, Hangzhou Zhongliang Meite Container Co., Ltd. launched a high-resolution, high-fidelity 7-color (CMYKOGB) printed iron product and digital proofing system. Its main technical features are:

High-definition technology

Its characteristics are through a series of technologies to find the law of increasing the increment of ink with the accuracy of the ink line to control the increment of the ink, effectively reducing the dot pitch, breaking the highest precision of the printing iron 175 lines to 200 lines, the implementation of over 200 lines of printing iron (defined greater than 200 lines The above printing iron is highly accurate, and the experiment can reach the accuracy of the 350-line printing iron, obtaining a more rich and delicate level of expression, eliminating the visual roughness and rose spots of the traditional printing iron 175 line.

Wide color gamut and hierarchical reproduction control technology for color printing

The technical features of this project are: using existing computer image processing technology to change the color separation and scanning modes of the image and increase the spot color (such as: orange, green, orange gray or blue gray), and break through the limitations of the traditional CMYK four-color color gamut (traditional four) Less than half of the color gamut can be seen in color printing, and the new printing iron expressiveness of the ultra-four color gamut is obtained. The actual color saturation of the printing iron is high, the color gamut is wide, and the high-definition and high-density cooperation is achieved, achieving the purpose of photo-grade printing. Improve the visual impact of commercial printing. But also according to user requirements, to provide personalized printing iron program.

High-fidelity printing iron anti-counterfeiting technology

Mainly in accordance with the original color characteristics or the individual needs of the printing and copying color and the expression of the color in the ultra color region, the personalized expression and anti-counterfeit, and through the choice of suitable ink, using the matching design of the different separation model, the printing ink composition With distinct distinctiveness, the range of printing color gamut is obviously changed compared with the conventional one. In addition, the size of the dot, the level of precision, and the change of the dot structure are also combined (FM network, chain network, square network, circular network, etc. Different network points) Observe with a magnifying glass to clearly identify new color inks other than four-color (CMYK) primary color inks and see that they differ from the conventional halftone patterns, thereby obtaining the purpose of anti-counterfeiting of "first-line" colors and "second-line" dots in Yintie. Anti-counterfeiting products are highly efficient, inexpensive and beautiful.

In addition, high-definition, high-fidelity iron products are also equipped with a high-fidelity digital proofing system, the system has supporting support for multi-color iron color management and digital soft proofing support technology and supporting remote image support for this project, proofreading, digital soft Proofing and seamless connection service support technology has the leading characteristics of filling gaps in China.

High-fidelity printing iron digital proofing has four-color, high-fidelity, multi-color, spot color digital iron proofing copying ability, able to simulate the actual iron stamping on the vast majority of the actual printing iron, including different white and different ink systems. It can also speed up the look of remote customers and reduce the cost of proofing. It can be reduced from 3 to 4 days in the previous proofing period to several minutes. The cost of printing and proofing of A3 format can be reduced from 1,500 yuan to tens of yuan in the past to facilitate customers. Easy to produce and easy to design.

At present, high-fidelity multi-color printing iron has been put into use in Shanghai Shenfeng chocolate, Fujian Jinluai sea air freshener, Zhejiang Taizhou Red Dream “Gaojie” air freshener and company multi-variety small-lot imposition printing. In addition, the printing iron of the Hangzhou production base has generally implemented high-resolution printing iron, namely printing line of 200 lines to 250 lines. Makes the image more delicate and visually clearer. Digital proofing simulation of Yindi's different white and different ink systems and implementation of 4-color (CMYK), 7-color high-fidelity (CMYKOGB), Pantone spot color proofing and process proofing have also been successfully developed and put into operation at the Hangzhou Base.

Source: Packaging Materials and Containers

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