Environmentally friendly non-adhesive packaging film

Wuhu City Tianhua Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is responsible for the scientific research and development project in Wuhu City - environmentally friendly non-adhesive food packaging film, which has passed the expert appraisal organized by the Science and Technology Department of Anhui Province.

Through the improvement of the production process and equipment, the project achieved a binder-free production of composite membranes and fundamentally solved the problem of solvent residues. The products were inspected by the Anhui Provincial Supervision and Inspection Institute and the Anhui Provincial Chemical Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station. All technical indicators were superior to the national standard GB/T10005-1998 requirements. The new packaging material conforms to the provisions of the industry, product, and technology catalog that the state encourages and develops. It is well-received by users, has a broad market prospect, and has obvious economic, social and environmental benefits.

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