Human ELISA kit experiment taboo

1. The ELISA kit should be taken out of the cold environment and equilibrated at room temperature for 15-30 minutes before use. If the human ELISA kit enzyme label coated plate is not used up after opening, the slats should be stored in a sealed bag.

2. Crystals may be precipitated in the concentrated washing liquid, which can be heated and dissolved in the water bath during dilution, and the results will not be affected during washing.


3. The sample adder should be used at each step, and the correctness should be checked frequently to avoid test error. It is best to control the sampling time within 5 minutes. If there are many specimens, it is recommended to use a volley gun to add samples.

4. If the content of the test substance in the human ELISA kit is too high (the OD value of the sample is greater than the OD value of the first well of the standard well), please first dilute the sample by a certain multiple (n times) before measuring, please final Multiply the dilution factor (× 5 × n).


5. The sealing film is limited to one-time use to avoid cross contamination.

6. The components of different batches of this reagent shall not be mixed. Store developer B in dark place.


7. Strictly follow the operation of the instructions, and the test results must be determined based on the reading of the microplate reader.

8. All samples, washing solution and various wastes of human ELISA kits should be treated as infectious agents.

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