Wardrobe enterprise touch-screen products promotion, sales are correct

The "double eleven" and "double twelve" online shopping frenzy has come, so many people have seen the strength of e-commerce. In the wardrobe industry, although many companies are just getting in touch with e-commerce, the strength of the closet e-commerce is also not to be underestimated. When the wardrobe company uses the network channel for marketing, it can develop on the basis of full control.

Wardrobe marketers can develop on the basis of mastery

This is the same principle as mastering the core competitiveness of peer companies. As a wardrobe marketing staff, we must always detect and master the marketing methods and channels of peer companies. Based on the premise of learning and mastering, we must develop ourselves on the basis of mastery and surpass them on the basis of imitation. This kind of thinking can make the wardrobe enterprises easily obtain some extremely favorable and fast marketing channels.

A lot of information on the Internet introduces the concept of network marketing and the information of the platform. In terms of the actual experience of the author's personal work, there are several important promotion platforms: the instant communication tools, such as Weibo, WeChat, QQ; Community Forum, Local hot forums are good both in terms of popularity and influence; online stores such as Taobao. Compared with companies that make physical products, many online stores are used for product sales on the one hand, and as a propaganda window on the other.

Clear division of employees in the wardrobe

On the basis of determining the marketing platform, the wardrobe enterprise needs to carry out a clear work breakdown of the entire network marketing team. Simply put, who is doing the part of the work, because the network is very wide, everyone must engage and be fine. On the one hand, I can't do the whole network marketing work alone.

Responsible for each person's different aspects of the network requires targeted work content development, the author's team has fully considered this point, and is independent in the work operation. However, one of the most important purposes and requirements is that the promotion of multi-channel and different personnel must be spliced ​​into a publicity or a point, so that the entire network can be integrated and promoted.

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