Wardrobe companies do a good job of sweeping the promotion and weakening

2013 is about to pass, and the wardrobe industry is also welcoming the peak of the year-end promotion as people resign from the old. Many wardrobe stores and home stores have started a variety of promotional activities.

Red Star Macalline takes the lead in launching a promotional campaign

Just past December 7-8, Red Star Macalline held the final round of promotion at the end of the year after holding "Love Home Day". According to Wang Wei, vice president of Hongxing Meikailong and general manager of Beijing-Shanghai & Southwest Region, the event is only the beginning. Christmas and New Year's Day will continue the current promotion activities, and the marketing form will be more active and accurate.

Jimei home, outside the city, and then do the promotion

According to the reporter's incomplete statistics, in mid-December, the activities of major supermarkets and brands will also be launched. For example, Jimei Home launched the “Double 12” online shopping campaign; Chengwai Home Plaza will hold the last blasting marketing in 2013 from December 14th to 15th; the relevant person in charge of the home will also say that it will be before Christmas. Start the promotion week. Compared with the previous year-end promotion, "Christmas" and "New Year's Day" are the time nodes. This year can be said to last for the whole month of December. The start time of each store activity is scattered in the middle and late, and the brand will also launch different activities.

The reporter visited the Red Star Meikailong East Fourth Ring Store and the Real Home North Fourth Ring Store on December 7-8. At the Red Star Macalline East Fourth Ring Shopping Mall, slogans like the "final war" are almost everywhere. In the top 100 furniture stores, some products are being discounted, sales staff said that the 15th brand alliance will have different forms of activities.

Wardrobe business promotion needs to be serviced

Wardrobe companies also need to provide corporate services when promoting promotions. In this era of service-acclaimed consumers, wardrobe companies must impress consumers with integrity. Whether it is pre-sales consultation or after-sales service, wardrobe companies need to take it seriously. Only in this way will it not make the wardrobe promotion a rib.

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