The housing home market leads to a new round of competition in the industry

The town's urban affordable housing and shantytown renovation housing has started 9.86 million sets, with a working rate of 98.6%. The planning of affordable housing in the future is also in the midst of intensive planning. Industry insiders said that such a large number of affordable housing will further stimulate kitchen and bathroom appliances and the overall home market in the face of the downturn in the property market.

On the day of the news release, the reporter also visited the home kitchen and bathroom industry. Mr. Huang of Zhongshan Leyijia expressed his views on the issue of affordable housing. She said that the recent restrictions on purchases by the state have indeed dealt a blow to the property market transactions, making buyers a wait-and-see attitude, directly affecting the enterprises downstream of the housing industry. This has led to the closeness of the cupboard and clothing market. Such market tightening is a test for the cabinet and wardrobe industry. Some small businesses will also fade out of the market in this flood.

Reporters, in the process of visiting, they also heard some start-up brands. In the case of imperfect plant and market configuration, they have not yet started to annihilate the torrent of purchases. Of course, they do not contain those who are brewing into the home. People in the industry. They all said that the purchase restriction really dispelled their thoughts.

"However, such thoughts have recently revived in the midst of all the thoughts," said some analysts in the kitchen and electric industry. They said that the security room is a good news for the home industry. The reporter also learned from the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development a few days ago that in the next five years, China plans to build 36 million new affordable housing units. By the end of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", the coverage of urban affordable housing in the country will increase from the current 7% to 8% to more than 20%, basically solving the housing difficulties of low-income families in urban areas. For the overall home furnishing industry, this is a big market where “cheese” is gradually taking shape.

Who is touching it at the big market "cheese"? The staff of the Lejia Marketing Center should tell the reporter that anyone in such a big market would like to take a share. Some companies in the industry have also thrown olive branches to this consumer group of affordable housing, such as Europa, Leyijia, etc. They are launching their promotional products for the characteristics of this consumer group. Among them, Le Yijia launched the "Dondelion's Agreement" series of promotional items, the price of the mid-end market, quality service is highly favored by consumers.

But now that there are 36 million sets of affordable housing, who else has moved this market "cheese"? After a few days of visits by reporters, some companies have paid less attention to this part of the market. In fact, the reporter feels that this is not only the market for cabinets, but also the social responsibility of enterprises. Many companies are not bragging, let the Chinese people use the cabinets, the cabinets, wardrobe enterprises, now the opportunity is coming, why not do you?

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